As I have got older I have realised that friends pass through our lives for different reasons. Some are acquaintances, made through jobs, or hobbies or nodding acquaintances passed on the morning school run. Then there are heart friends, people we desperately love, have much in common with and still make an effort to see even if we are not close geographically. Some of these heart friends sadly, are for specific seasons and places and although effort is made on both sides the friendship finds it hard to survive separation.
I have a lot of acquaintances but being an introvert I find it hard to make true friends. I abhor small talk although I have tried to be better at it because it is necessary as the opening stage for real friendship.
This morning, for various reasons that it’s not necessary to go into here, I had to say goodbye to some heart friends. It didn’t make me feel good or sit well with me, particularly because for some of them it makes their lives harder.
Yet I believe this is a season in our family where God is taking us out of our comfort zone. We have made the decision that this separation is right for us as a family but that doesn’t make it in any way easy.
I am hoping and praying that when some dust has settled that some of these friendships can be picked up and dusted off and revisited and perhaps in some cases will be stronger than before.
Life is meant to be lived, and that means feeling some feelings we would rather not. We may be pressed, and tried on all sides but we are not broken. We may feel out of breath and strength. We may even wonder sometimes if things are worth it. But the point is life with God is a big adventure, the boat won’t sail unless we face into the wind and sometimes we have to up anchor and trust him to steer us aright.
Till next time


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