Patience, so the saying goes “is a quality seldom found in women and never found in men”! I couldn’t tell you emphatically that it was true but I do know patience has been lacking in my own life lately.

When we are faced with an injustice waiting patiently for the outcome is a task too herculean for most. As Christians, we commit (eventually) the situation to God, we pray over it (eventually) , supposedly we pray for His will to be done.

I do not like not having control over certain issues in my life so I am reluctant to relinquish it fully to God, even though past experience has taught me that he only has my best interests in heart. I wouldn’t mind giving over control if I knew the end result! Unfortunately God doesn’t usually work like that.

Paul prayed 3 times for his for his thorn in the flesh to be removed. Scholars disagree as to what the thorn actually was, an affliction, a certain person and so on. We are not told what the thorn was but we are told that it wasn’t taken away from him. Yet he could say that “he had learnt to be content whatever the circumstances” (phil4:11).

As a family we are enduring our own thorn in the flesh. At its onset we believed it would be resolved in a week. Now, it is more than 2 months later and after another meeting this morning that was supposed to resolve things one way or another, we are told we have to wait at least another 2 months.

To say I feel impotent and frustrated is an understatement. All through the bible there are examples of God coming to someone’s rescue right at the last second. It wasn’t until Abraham’s hand was actually on his knife about to slay Isaac that God intervened by sending a ram into the thicket(Gen22). And that is only one example. I’m sure when Jonah was shut up in the stinking  belly of a fish/whale for 3 days he didn’t think it was such a great idea either.

So all along, I have tried to have faith that GOd will intervene and soon . As this still hasn’t happened I have to assume that God still has some further purpose for our lives in this matter. Not because He is cruel or uncaring, I know that not to be the case , but because he desires to refine us into the best possible versions of ourselves.

It may be that there is no rescue for us in this situation. We may have to endure till the very end. If that is so then I will still be able to say ” As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good”(Gen50:20).

God is no mans debtor, He is faithful even when we are unfaithful. He sees the end from the beginning. So we must not be in a hurry to be out of the miry pit. I could relate many, many times to you when God has come to our rescue and I believe he will again. However it may not be in the way we expect.

As for you, hold on , your rescue may be just around the next corner.

Still praying for patience though!

Till next time.


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