We live in a small town in Wales. It appears in the Doomsday Book and is rumoured to be the oldest town in Wales and also Merlin’s birthplace, if you believe the hype. The last few weeks the weather has been unpredictable. We always have a lot of rain but this week we’ve had unseasonably warm weather a few days.

My favourite season is Autumn, always has been. As a child I was fascinated by hunting for conkers in the local green spaces. We grew up in a flat in London and didn’t have our own garden but there were multiple parks and green areas around. The local vicarage grounds was a good hunting place and you were sure to come home with a carrier bag filled to the brim with shiny horse chestnuts peeping out.

I have always loved the way the leaves change colour from hues of green to beautiful red and orange and yellow shades. A myriad of colours. I like the fact that it’s cold enough to wear snuggly jumpers and warm boots but not usually cold enough to merit hat and gloves. I would love to visit New England and see the stunning Fall they experience. I love sitting in the coffee shop with friends, hands clasped around a warm beverage setting things to rights.

As I have got older I have learned to appreciate the other seasons . They are all beautiful in their own ways although Winter can feel very grey and depressing sometimes.

This is probably the first year in a long time I have made much more effort to enjoy all the seasons. Spring is a beautiful time of year, I am always glad to see the new buds emerging on the trees and the early spring flowers. One house we lived in always used to have a daffodil growing in December! Must have been confused poor thing. In Spring in Wales it is like the world is slowly coming back to life after a Winters nap. All green shoots and verdant longings.

The Summer this year has been unusually hot . This has meant lots of long walks, and beach climbs and blackberry picking. Time spent sitting out in gardens drinking coffee around the glowing fire pits. We camped on a lovely cliff top site for a week enjoying scorching weather, beach swims and cliff top picnics. As it was free swimming at the local pool for the children (a must when you have 4 kids!) we spent a lot of time there too.

Autumn started off quite mild but we are just beginning to experience a bitter change in temperature although the Sun is still trying to have its last hurrah! We live in a listed house with single glazed windows and large rooms so will be spending a lot of time at home in one room or cuddled up under blankets together, which is a lovely way to spend the time anyway.

As we approach Winter I am a little sad, relieved in a way because it has been a momentous year, but sad because everything outside looks so grey. The trampoline and garden the children usually play in will be neglected until after Christmas when the warmer weather sets in. Unless we have snow and this doesn’t happen much as we are quite near the coast. It does surprise us occasionally. We’ve had snow in June before!  In Winter in Wales most of the trees shed their leaves and after the joy of crunching through them in Autumn, everything looks bleak and stripped and empty and dirty.

But there is Christmas to look forward to. I love the children being home on holidays. Everything takes on a much more mellow tone as we just enjoy each others company.

So I suppose there is something to celebrate in every season but Autumn will always have my heart.

Till next time



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