I should not be sitting here typing this, I should be at church, service just finished, clasping a hot coffee in my hand whilst chatting to friends and attempting small talk with strangers. Please forgive the overly long first sentence! I had no intention of posting today. Recently my site views and stats have been down even though I have a good amount of followers(some of whom I’m hoping are real!) and this is a little discouraging. Sunday is a busy day anyway with 2 church services so finding time to blog is difficult.

But here I am. Would I say 6am was the Golden Hour? My answer would probably depend on which day you asked me because I’m fickle like that. My feelings affect my mood and my view on things as I am sure yours does too. Today has already been a trying day. I stupidly overheated my phone charger last night by accident and now my phone won’t switch on or charge. I’m afraid anyone who knows me will tell you I am a bit of a phone addict. So that has frustrated me. Now my only way of keeping in touch with people is through an old desktop computer which is very slow.

Then the clocks went back this morning so I was looking forwards to a slight lay in at least. But no. My son decided that 6.40 (see I’d missed the Golden Hour anyway!) would be a good time to wake me and then I could not get back to sleep. That was followed by my eldest announcing she felt sick which meant I had to stay home from church to look after her. She is almost 15 but not quite old enough to be left for a few hours. Besides I would have only been worried about her and I really didn’t mind looking after her, just regretted missing church.

When I was at college and in my early 20’s I thought nothing of staying up till 3 or 4am in the morning and chatting with friends, then getting up at 9am for devotions and breakfast. I never found it a problem. I have always loved hearing the dawn chorus and the birds announcing of the day beginning.

Our current bedroom at the top of the house in the eaves looks out onto the horizon and I often see the sunrise. Lately there have been vibrant orange and red rosy hues signalling the day’s weather. I have tried to photograph them but not done them much justice.

If I’m sensible, while the kids are in school time, I try to go to sleep before 11pm if possible because I know the next day we have to be up at 7am for breakfast etc. In the holidays as it is now( half term) we are a little more relaxed about bedtimes so my own bedtime can be anywhere around 11pm till 1am. Depending on what’s on the tv and what my other half is doing. We do try to go to bed at the same time but rarely succeed.

I have called this blog “A Parent’s Woe” because we have 4 children and as they get older their bedtimes get later. On one hand this is lovely because we spend time together but on the other hand means my husband and I have less time in the evening to ourselves. But at the moment we have all day, pretty much every day together as he is not working!

I love going to bed to sleep and read and relax but I do enjoy seeing that peep of light over the brow of the hill as the dawn unfolds. The promise of a new day is always delicious. It’s a chance to start afresh and try to do better and not repeat yesterdays mistakes. I treasure the Golden Hour before everyone else is awake and even the house seems to be in slumber, before the cacophony of noise erupts.

Thankyou for taking time to read. Apologies for my digressions! Its been good to talk with you.

Till next time. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/10/27/daily-prompt-dawn/


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