“Lucy, I’m Michael, like I told you. I’ve known you always, even before you were born. Lucy, I’m your angel.

“Now I know you’re having me on” she said angrily, brushing away a stray tear she didn’t want him to see. ” Who put you up to this?” “Was it that cow Melanie?” “She’s really gone too far this time”. “Who is Melanie?” he asked. “Nice try Sherlock ,but cut the Mr. nice guy act, I’m not buying it”.  “Lucy” he sighed deeply “I’ve told you who I am. There are billions of people in the world. You can’t expect me to know everybody and I certainly don’t know this Melanie, But I do know the sort, unfortunately.”

“I’m not buying this at all mate, alright. I don’t believe in Heaven and Hell and angels and all that gobbledygook. “. “It’s not gobbledygook” he looked pained. “So you just expect me to believe , with absolutely no proof, at all, that you’re an angel? Some great angel you are, you don’t even know who the biggest annoyance of my life is”. “That’s because I’m your angel, not Melanie’s” he replied.

“Michael I’m late for school and this whole angel act is getting very wearing. If you don’t come clean in the next 5 minutes why you’re really here, I’m going!”. He opened his palms to her in supplication, almost as if he were praying, a gesture that was not lost on her. “I’m asking you to trust me, I told you who I am, I’m Michael, Your angel, your guardian angel if you prefer”. “And I told you I don’t believe in all that claptrap” she answered. “Just because you don’t believe it doesn’t mean it’s not true”.

“This is getting us nowhere and it’s not helping you, let me cut to the chase”. Without warning he grasped her hand firmly and concentrated. The world around Lucy seemed to shimmer for a second and then stand still. It wasn’t possible she knew but there was Michael pulling faces over her crib at her and there he was standing in the corner of the room at her first dentist appointment. He was across the road from her as she rode her bike without stabilizers and there when she fainted at school and banged her head, in the A and E department, just watching her and smiling. In fact it seemed he had been there at every important moment of her life. But how? How could it be? She didn’t believe in angels, did she?

The air around her popped back into place and Lucy could hear the distant roar of the traffic again. “What was that you did to me?”, “A short cut, sometimes its the best explanation”. “I’ve heard of people tell of their babies giggling and pointing at the ceiling when there’s nothing there” she muttered. “That was us , he said , or one of us anyway”. “There is usually only one angel assigned to every baby, unless its foretold they will need strong angelic intervention at some point in their lives”.

“And you were mine?” she questioned “But why don’t I remember you?.    “As children get older, they lose their simplicity and their childlike faith. Even ones brought up in the faith forget us eventually. They either think we were a figment of their imagination or their imaginary friend. In a way, its good, because we are only here to watch over them. We are not here to be worshipped, we are here to point them to God”.

“Back up a minute there buddy. I’ve only just started believing in angels again. Still not quite buying the whole guy on a throne with a flowing white beard routine yet.”. She smiled at him “Come on, I’m going to be really late now, unless of course you want to fly me there” she said grinning. “Funny, I’ve never heard that one before.I’m supposed to blend in not draw attention to myself Superman style. You’ll have to settle for walking”.

He set off up the road, long legs striding as she ran after him. “Great, just my luck my personal angel thinks he’s Usain Bolt”. He slowed slightly to accommodate her. “You must have a million questions” he said. “Well, only one really which you still haven’t answered to my satisfaction. Why are you here?”

“Because Lucy, you need me. You need a friend and I was more than willing to come and be that friend”. “But are you allowed to do that? Don’t you need a special dispensation from the guv’nor or someone?.

“Firstly Lucy, show Him some respect. His name is God, not the guv’nor or sky god or any of that rubbish. Or you can call Him Almighty Jehovah if you prefer but personally I find that a bit of a mouthful. Secondly, who do you think alerted me to your situation? Raphael called me into his office and said he had a job for me. When I knew it involved you I was overjoyed”.

“Hold up a second Mister” Lucy said in alarm as she registered where they were. “You can’t come in here, you won’t be on the pupil roll or anything. “Relax Lucy, that would have already been taken care of if it was necessary but in this instance it’s not. As you’re the only one who will be able to see me think of me as your imaginary friend for now”. “By the way, what did you think of my box and my note?”. “That was you!” she gasped. “Of course, who did you think Santa? he teased. “But why?”she asked.

“I would have thought the angel pin would have been enough of a clue. I wanted to prepare you, to prepare your heart for my arrival”. “Well next time, lay off the cloak and dagger and text me” she replied drily. “Can’t get used to all this texting lark “he moaned. “Snail mail was fine for a couple of hundred years”. He pressed her in the small of her back, following her into her classroom, smiling in amusement as he sat down next to her.

Till next time.

PS, This is today’s NaBloPoMo post and a continuation of the story, A box by any other name.

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