This blog post is based on the Daily Prompt’s challenge for today, to find an uninteresting headline and connect the dots, make it apply to you.

I did not find this an easy task. I’m a nosy person and an avid reader so most headlines grab my attention. In the end I decided to blog about the Daily Mail headline “The perfect shopping trip revealed”. This article is in the Femail section and speaks about the perfect shopping experience lasting four hours, involving a cup of upmarket coffee and a dent of £117 in your bank account. I don’t know what women they are basing this on but I take issue with the view that women will buy at least seven items and shop once a fortnight.

I am not a great shopper. I am quickly bored . I dislike the bright lights and piped music served up in a lot of department stores and the prices make me wince. However in the town where we live is a street called King Street. It’s a bit of a mish mash and has suffered from the recession with a few empty shops but it does a good line in charity shops and vintage boutique type homeware shops, with a couple of art galleries thrown in.

I could happily spend an afternoon there browsing for bargains. The vintage shops are lovely and full of amazing ideas to dress your house but they are too expensive for me. The charity shops are another matter. I have frequently found good quality clothing and housewares there. They are all roughly the same sort of prices with the proceeds going to different charities. In London you would pay a premium for something in the Oxfam store but they are wise enough to know that would not work here.

There are a mix of shoppers here. Some very poor people and some very rich and some very poor but who are willing to pay out for the latest status symbols.  The article states ” the simple fact of the matter is that women absolutely love shopping”. Well perhaps that is true of the 2,000 women surveyed but most people have to be a little more circumspect.

One part of the article I do agree with and that rings a connection with me is the necessity of a good coffee. In fact sometimes my husband and I go to town just to grab a coffee and chat. Yesterday a new coffee shop opened so we went today to check it out. Most of our joint shopping trips for specific items include a stop for coffee if we can. I would call us coffee enthusiasts. We are slightly snobby, not too happy with instant so there are a few places we would turn our noses up at. The problem with the surveys that promote this sort of article is they are only as good as their sponsors and data can be manipulated and made to say anything that suits their purpose. They could probably convince you black was white if they wanted to.

And who on earth came up with this ridiculous figure of an average spend of £117? If I spent that once a fortnight I’d very quickly be out-of-pocket. I can only conclude that most of the purchases are made by credit card or on the never never, a more appropriate term. I am not saying the article wasn’t any good but it struck me as more of a filler item created out of a probably biased survey and full of generalisations that don’t really hold up when you examine them.

I don’t feel I did as well with this prompt as some others.

Till next time.

This is a NaBloPoMo post also.

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