Today has had a slightly stressful beginning and this led me to wonder, does a stressful day have to lead to a stressful week? More importantly does a stressful happening or circumstance have to lead to a stressful day?  Doesn’t it all depend on our response to these things? And isn’t it true that our response to things can vary widely due to other determining factors? For example, our hormones, other people’s influences, even something as mundane as the weather. All these things can determine whether we have an appropriate response to a situation in life or over react.
I guess since we are all unique and are living different lives, your response to a situation that bowls me over could be total calm. It might not faze you at all.
Nothing major has happened today in the scheme of things, at the most they could be called petty annoyances yet I know from past experience how often I don’t see the wood from the trees. I frequently seem to fail at seeing the bigger picture.
The first incident happened last night, why do things seem worse in the wee small hours? It was about 1am. I was asleep and my youngest daughter had climbed into my bed which would have been OK apart from the fact she has a persistent cough. Enough to wake me but not disturb her initially. This cough has been threatening for a few days and her asthma inhaler wasn’t warding it off enough for my liking.
Eventually the inevitable happened and she woke up. This was the precursor to several trips downstairs to the kitchen for me. Our bedroom is on the third floor, the kitchen is on the ground floor.
Now at that time of night I was desperate for sleep but not fully functioning brain wise. Hence instead of arming myself with the glass of water and inhaler and cough medicine in one go I made 3 separate trips to the kitchen. Good on the exercise front I suppose!
Well it felt like ages but was probably only an hour later and she was asleep again and cough free and she slept till this morning.
Whilst she was awake and coughing last night I was able to cuddle her, reassure her and be really patient, which is not like me at that time of the day. As she is prone to asthma there have been times in the past like this when I have not been serene and calm.
I have a sneaking suspicion that actually spending time reading my bible before bed last night helped though.
The next incident was lunch time today. We were just coming back from town and our car ran out of petrol. Our fault in a way because we haven’t been able to afford to fill the tank fully for a long time. Our car is fitted with a warning sensor that is supposed to beep to let you know it’s low on fuel. We’d had the first warning beep but you normally have 8 litres of petrol till it’s completely dead. Somehow we’d missed that sensor and were paying the consequences.
This entailed parking somewhere in town we would have rather not, going home for the jerry can and a trip to the petrol station to refill.
This did not upset me today. Despite not having a huge amount of sleep I dealt with it. We weren’t far from home and the weather was OK so no big drama. There have been other times though it would have wound me up.
It occurs to me that maybe my natural response is to over react. To be annoyed with things that are out of my control. To not think a lot of the time before I act.
How refreshing though not to have anything to feel guilty about for a change! I think the important thing to remember is a lot of the time we have a choice how we respond to things.

How about you? Do you ever feel bad at your response to a situation or are you the type of person who thinks before they act and speak?

Till next time.



4 thoughts on “How we react?

  1. Good question. I do think I overreact a lot more than I should, but I also think that outside factors influence that. Things like not getting enough sleep or not taking enough time for myself or not eating right. And what you say about reading your scriptures before bed I believe to be absolutely true. Somehow everything goes better if I make sure to give some time to God each day. And not because everything actually goes better–because my attitude is better!

  2. Oh, yes. Found myself both wincing and nodding as I read this! I find that ten minutes spent with my Bible and journal in a morning makes a vast difference as to how my day goes. Without that ten minutes I’m prone to blowing it far too easily when things don’t go my way, or something unexpected crops up to derail my plans. I have learned quite a few lessons that way in the last few months! You’d think I’d get it…
    Thank you for this beautifully honest post. Wonderful to find a ‘Me too!’ moment.

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