I must not be a stereotypical woman. I don’t like going out to be pampered. I don’t like sitting in public while somebody gets close to my personal space and sorts out my person. This might explain why I’ve not cut my hair for over a year! Other than the fact I was trying to grow out a very short pixie cut. Now my hair is shoulder length with different layers cut in. To be honest I get bored with my hairstyle very quickly so it’s a miracle I’ve lasted this long. I must have had almost every hair style known to man over my 40 odd years but I always seem to end up growing them out into this. It’s not a style statement, more a mess. I shan’t even mention the very tight perm I once had in the 80s but needless to say it was a shocker. A shocker that cost me £40 even then. I did grow up in London!.

I loathe everything about the hairdresser experience. For a few years in London I had the same hairdresser. Her name was Sharon and she knew exactly what I wanted doing with my hair and always made it look wonderful.Unfortunately she moved on and I was stuck again, because unless you have limitless money you can’t afford to be that choosy where you go.

So in the hunt for a good hairdresser I’ve had some real hit and miss haircuts. Not quite awful enough to warrant wearing a hat but close enough. That reminds me of a time when I was 12 and had waist length hair. I was desperate for a bob hair style so my mother cut it and it was terrible, she made me go to the hairdresser and say my friend had done it . Thanks mum.

These days it usually comes to going where’s cheap and there is an excellent college nearby where you can get your hair done by a 3rd year student. In other words they are just about to qualify. The whole experience cut,colour etc is usually less than £20. So as its getting close to Christmas and I want a change I’m thinking of going back there. The only thing putting me off is last time I went there were all these trendy looking students lined up behind the counter just waiting to pounce on their innocent victims. They looked as if they’d never had a split end in their life.  They are perfectly nice but I don’t like running the gauntlet, and then there’s the whole feeling like you have to talk to them thing. If you haven’t been anywhere on holiday you’ve had it!

Still I have on the odd occasion been known to cut my own hair……

So what about you? What socially awkward situations do you hate? or are you great with all these sorts of scenarios?

Till next time.



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