Sometimes on a Sunday afternoon , if we have time, my husband and I like to read the Sunday papers. He invariably chooses the Sunday Times because it is readable and not too highbrow and he is partial to some of its accompanying supplements. While he goes off with the serious news of the paper I usually nab the more condensed News Review and the Sunday magazines.

They focus on different areas including Culture and style. This weekend I was browsing through to see if anything sparked off a response in me. Although I have been blogging daily sometimes I’m not sure what new  subject to write about . But there it was. A full-page advertisement of John Travolta, resplendent with a full head of hair, Breitling watch on his wrist and I believe the slogan was “Welcome to my World”.

If only it were that easy. I am sure that if you were rich enough to buy one of these timepieces and got close enough to him, actually his entourage would tell you where to go and not “Come on in. Welcome to my world”. He is selling you a false image. It’s fake. He may be a top film star who is also a pilot who is also a family man but he has suffered from adverse publicity recently.

Not that Breitling seem to mind. They seem to be only too happy to promote him while he promotes them. And so the carousel of Hollywood publicity machine keeps turning.

This is not a rant against John Travolta per se. I know next to nothing about the man. Other than what I read in the papers and we all know how accurate they are don’t we? More it is expressing frustration against the next new thing. There are families who hanker after the next status symbol. We all do it to a certain extent. But they do it at the cost of their children. They buy into the illusion that money and things and status symbols buy you happiness. They don’t. They may temporarily lift  your spirits but they cannot satisfy your deepest longings. And so you move on to the next big thing, the next status symbol,in search of fulfillment.

Now John Travolta is not stupid. Nor is he advertising his services for free. He is doing this advertisement to keep his family in the manner they are accustomed to. Perhaps he has some agreement with Breitling whereby he has so many free watches. I don’t know. Its not really my business.

I just object to the idea that having things will bring you fulfillment. That along with this watch you will suddenly gain an entourage of hangers-on, a film deal, a huge house in the Beverly Hills, limitless money. It doesnt. You are buying a watch. Nice enough I am sure. I probably wouldn’t say no if someone gave one to me. But it is only a thing. What happens if God forbid it breaks? What happens to your wonderful lifestyle and fulfillment then?

Maybe you think this is sour grapes because I can not afford a Breitling. Perhaps to a small degree there is a grain of truth in that. I feel though, that companies like these are irresponsible and do not realise that some people will stake their all on one of these products in the belief wonderful things will follow. It wont . You will still be you. You may be smarter, happier  but you will still have your problems, same as John Travolta  and countless other movie stars have. The same things that keep them awake and worried will be the same things you will still worry about.

I understand that these companies just want  to sell their products. They after all are a business not a charity and are in business to make money. What really irks  me is the suggestion that these products will change your life. That they will open doors for you. That they will bring you happiness and fulfillment. I don’t believe they will eternally.

As a Christian I believe there is only one person who can give you eternal happiness and that is God.

Rant over.

Till next time.



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