I am not a thrill seeker in any way, shape or form. I like a very safe life. I have no hankering to embrace danger . To the point that it takes me about five minutes to cross a road, checking and re checking it’s safe, much to the chagrin of my family. That’s probably related to a childhood road accident at the age of 12.

I cannot stress it enough, I have no desire to base jump, bungee jump, throw myself off a tall building, wingwalk on a plane or skydive or parachute. Not even for charity. Even that is not a big enough motivation. I have no curiosity in this area, no desire to experience that adrenalin plummet to Earth. That part of my psyche just seems to be missing.

I don’t feel it’s because I’m boring. More a Mother’s instinct to preserve her life for the sake of her children. Actually I’m fibbing a bit there, I didn’t have that desire before I had children either. I’m not a very good flier, it might be because I’ve not done it often enough or it may be due to the fact I can get motion sickness on a swing!

I’ve never been on a rollercoaster, hate the Big Dipper, and find the log flume ride enough crazy action for me. The most prevailing reason is because I’m scared. I don’t like feeling afraid. I wake up panicking from dreams where my children have disappeared. I am married to somebody who was an adrenalin junkie once. He has tried most things,including bungee jumping. I can’t think of anything worse than willingly hurling myself off a precipice attached to what is basically an enormous rubber band. I don’t care how many safety checks someone has done first or how harmless it’s meant to be. The problem with elastic bands is they tend to break and knowing my luck that’s what would happen to me.

I think if we were meant to fly God would have made us physically able to! I don’t have the courage to go thousands of feet up in a plane and then attach myself to a harness before throwing myself out of the plane. I would have to remember to pull my parachute. The biggest thing I would have to do is not panic and then not wet myself in fear, not necessarily in that order.

Why would I put myself through that? I accept that some people are thrill seekers always looking for the next adrenalin rush but I am not one of them. Being a mother of 4 children is hard enough and scary enough for me. I do admire though, people who do brave things like skydiving in the name of charity, particularly elderly people. They are to be applauded.

I know that safety in life is not a guarantee. I could be hit by a bus tomorrow or get struck by lightning sitting at this computer chatting and blogging. Life has risk, I accept that. But to knowingly go out looking for that risk seems bordering on the absurd to me.

The only time I would go against this way of living and actually do something dangerous would be if it was for the sake of my family or children, and even then I would be hard pressed to do it. But I like to think I would have the moral fibre to stand up and be counted and jump off that metaphorical bridge if absolutely necessary.

So what about you? Are you an adrenalin Junkie or do you like a safe life like me?

Till next time.




11 thoughts on “Why you won’t see me skydiving any time soon!

  1. LOL! My grandma used to say (and I agree) “If God had meant for us to fly, he’d’a give me a set of wings”. I have had to fly a few times, but I’m with you, once I get up in the air, I see no reason to fling myself out of a perfectly good airplane. I feel that if I have taken the time to put myself into an airplane, then I should just sit back and enjoy the ride. My husband was with the airborne division in the Army and he did some parachuting. I think they must only put crazy sick lunatics in the army because I can think of no sane reason to leave an airplane at 20 thousand feet. I get enough of an adrenaline rush just reaching into the very back of my refrigerator,

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