He thought he would go and mull things over in the Library. It was close by, he would be able to use their Reference section undisturbed and waste their internet usage instead.

Mr.Williams paid the matronly woman behind the library desk the princely sum of  £1.00 for half an hours internet access and in return she gave him a baleful stare and the wi-fi access code. He sat as far away from the college graduates and school dropouts as possible and spread his few belongings over his table, indicating his preference for being left alone. While he waited for the ancient computer to boot itself up he tried to bring to mind everything he knew about his interview of a few days earlier. Now that he thought about it the letter in his possession gave him scant information about its senders. It looked to have been typed on generic office stationery but that sort of thing was two a penny these days. It gave no office firm or particulars only his own details and a letter to the gist that it would be to his advantage to attend the interview at the suggested date and time.

Pulling the envelope out again he saw it hadn’t even been franked properly. It looked as if some child had been playing post office with it and drawn it on. So no clues there. Again he typed the address into Google in various permutations and spellings and abbreviations. Barely more than one page of search results came up. Most were to do with the sale of the house further down the street. A fresh thought came to his mind that he hadn’t even managed to glean his interviewers name. He could vaguely recall her features.

It was looking as if he would have to let the whole thing go. He couldn’t run the risk of going to the police and then Mary finding out before he was ready for her to know. Google was no help. Going back to the scene of the crime had not helped either. He seemed to be drawing a blank in all directions.

He cursed quietly under his breath so as not to attract the sshhh of the librarian and shut the computer down early. He walked over to the other side of the Reference section and pulled down the weekly paper and sat for the rest of the lunch hour perusing the jobs section. A few promising ones caught his eye and he made a note of them in his electronic diary.

Feeling on more of an even keel than he had done for days he went out into the cold afternoon air.

Till next time.


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