I know this blog title is very similar to a previous one but that was more about why people in general write. You should by now know my reasons for starting this blog. I want to be a writer. Its as simple and sometimes as complicated as that. There is a famous quote about writing that states ” A writer writes”.  Well thanks for that insight Sherlock! To me this implies that if you are a born writer, if you have a passion and enjoyment and a talent for writing you must want to be doing it all the time. That you will be so burdened by your literary creativity your life would be the lesser not to fill that writing vacuum.

But what of those of us mere mortals who desperately want to write but don’t seem to find it so easy? Where do we fit in? Are we still entitled to a say in the matter? Personally my favourite forms of writing seem to switch all the time. Some blog posts seem to trip off my fingertips and run happily onto the pages, others I have to coax reluctantly into some sort of order, and even than I have to keep a close eye for fear that as soon as my back is turned they’ll clamber down off the screen.

Writing your opinion on something is one thing. Creating a story and characters and where they live and move and have their being is quite another. At the end of the day a persons opinion is just that. Their opinion, bound to suit some and bound to have others up in arms. Even when I write a blog post I don’t feel I can be completely free just to say whatever I want. I have libel and slander and vicious issues like that to think about before I hit publish. If I am writing a post that touches on friends and family even slightly briefly I have to consider their feelings too. Some things are better left unsaid and some things are probably better unwritten. Least said, soonest mended and all that.

So whatever form of writing you embrace there are constraints. On your words, on your time,on your families and other commitments. Writing is a precious jewel that keeps you enslaved to your pen, or keyboard in my case.

Then there is the guilt and fear that maybe you are not a proper writer. That you are just a phony. Surely if this was all meant to be it would be easier wouldn’t it? What happens after the blog honeymoon period is finished and you feel you have run out of ideas. Dare you confess to it? Does that mean your life’s big dream is a complete waste of time? Or could you be suffering from writers block? and how is that even possible so early on in the chapter, so to speak?

There are various ways and methods people use to combat writers block. Some take time off from their writing commitments. Others try to work on through the block in an attempt to unstopper it. Many well-known authors and published writers have fallen prey to its thorny clutches. Its nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just not talked about much.

The problem is writing consumes you, takes over your life. It is a willful capricious lover that wants its own way always. It begs to have its voices heard.

I began this process thinking I had a modicum of control over it. That thought has long passed. I thought I chose it. Now it appears to have chosen me. I may just be one of many voices across the divide, clamouring to be heard but what can you do when its one of the only things you love to do?

Maybe I will never be a published writer. Maybe I will never be a successful writer but I will still pursue it because I can’t not.

Books can transform people’s lives, for half an hour they can be transported to another place.

I write, as I have said before, to clarify my feelings, to express my opinions, to nudge my slowly wakening creative processes into  standing  up and being  counted. Lately I am not so obsessed with my views and visitors stats. Whilst some of my contemporaries have an amazing amount of followers and site views, I am not them. I am me. I’ve been blogging since the end of September. I am using it as a form of writing discipline so I am thrilled I am still in the game.

Ordinary I would have given up by now like I’ve done with many other things.

So thanks for listening

Till next time.



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