Today my daughter and I are stupidly excited to be going to watch the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special in the cinema. Simply titled “The Day of the Doctor” it will be shown in 3D and broadcast simultaneously in the cinema and on the television to over 80 countries. Whovians all over the globe will be tuning in to watch this latest instalment of the Doctor in an adventure with his past and present selves. Not quite sure how that works but hey time is not a linear progression more a ball of timey wimey stuff so I’m sure they will have found a way to coexist for at least 80 minutes.

Doctor Who is big business in our family. My husband and I watched it when we were kids. Tom Baker was the Doctor then. I still want to hide behind the sofa when the Daleks and The Cybermen appear!. It is something we all do together as a family although we have had to censor a few unsuitably scary episodes for the younger members of our family.

I am taking my eldest daughter to watch it for her 15th birthday present. Would have been lovely for us all to go but the cost for a family of 6 was prohibitive sadly. Whatever you think of Doctor Who personally no one can say it has not done well to still be going 50 years later, despite a hiatus in the 90s. I must admit when I heard they were remaking it I was sceptical but since Christopher Eccleston extended his hand to Rose Tyler and told her to run I have been smitten again.

Its fun, its scary, it usually has a good moral included. It’s a brief window of fantasy in a sometimes dreary world. Each Doctor incarnation brings their own stamp to the role whether  its their penchant for jelly babies or bow ties. I was very sad when David Tennant left the role but Matt Smith has been an amazing Doctor from his first episode and he will be sadly missed too but remembered with fondness as is Tennant.

I am glad the latest incarnation is not a woman. Why mess with a successful formula? I do not know very much about Peter Capaldi and in the beginning had hoped for someone younger and easier on the eye (sorry Peter) but I am sure he will bring something wonderful to the role also.

So come 7 o’clock tonight, unless a paradox occurs in the wall of space and time we will be making our way to the cinema, snuggling down in our seats with our eyes glued to the screen.

Happy Birthday Doctor Who!Image


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