Sometimes Motherhood gets a bad press. Some people seem to think that all us mum’s do all day is the bare minimum which includes doing the school run morning and afternoon in your pyjamas and then spending the rest of the day online or watching daytime TV. It amuses me really.
In reality my experience of motherhood is nothing like that. It is probably the hardest job I’ve done and the most rewarding.
And then of course there is the issue of whether to have a full-time job alongside being a mother and the guilt that comes with whatever choice you plump for.
For some mother’s there is not the luxury of making that choice, they have to go out to work for financial reasons.
Although I have worked for periods of my children’s lives for the most part I have been a stay at home mum. This was a choice my husband and I made together. It has meant due to only one wage coming in we’ve never been rich but we’ve usually had enough.
Due to circumstances from outside the home and given the fact that my youngest child is now 6 I will be looking for work soon.
Some of my child rearing years have been difficult but I wouldn’t trade them because I know how blessed I am. I have loved having babies and going to toddler groups. I felt the gap when they started school.
This afternoon we went to collect the younger children from school and they came out so full of beans and so happy it made my heart glad. The eldest had been on a trip so she was full of that and her younger sister after I enquired about her day just wanted to describe what she’d had for dinner. Maybe not the most scintillating conversation  but I was just happy to be talking with her. It’s lovely having my husband home at the moment but I really do miss the children when they’re at school or away from home.
When you are a new parent and the sleepless nights are getting you down people tell you to cherish that time because they’re not babies for long and at the time you think hmmph but it’s true.
The time has gone so quick. It’s a bittersweet time really.
Each stage of childhood and babyhood is tough but precious and there is something sad but wonderful when these are outgrown.
They genuinely do make me laugh every day and one of the best bits about having a large family is watching their interactions with each other.
The same children who are squabbling and cross with each other will be cuddled up later playing games together.
So…. We may not be rich. We may not have every material thing but we have the privilege of seeing these young ones grow and become people in their own right and that’s something money simply cannot buy.
I am not “only” a mummy, I am a nurturer, a guide, a friend, a protector and many other labels.
And you get paid in cuddles and kisses. Not many jobs pay that highly!

Till next time.



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