To begin with Henry didn’t understand what was wrong with his teacher. She would be standing in class discussing a topic and a grey tinge would come over her face and a strange gleam would come into her eyes. Rather oddly no-one else seemed to notice this phenomenon, only Henry. People often said he was a perceptive child, perhaps that was where the problem lay.

He certainly found it very difficult to sit still. If he was meant to be paying attention he was jiggling his legs under his desk and twirling his pen in the air. He never could manage to sit still and be quiet at the same time. These misdemeanors meant he spent an awful lot of time standing in the corridor outside the classroom as punishment. He didn’t mind too much. He hated school. His first thought from the moment he woke up was how many hours would it be till he was home from school again?

This Friday in question he was again out in the corridor for cheeking his French teacher and calling her Madame Bonbon rather than Madame Surbon. He sat down by the radiator on his favourite spot on the sofa, a spot he had long since claimed as his own, and let his thoughts drift off. It wasn’t long before he was distracted by his form teacher, his very strange form teacher, running at a fairly brisk speed into the art supply cupboard. He knew Madame Surbon would not check on him again until the end of the French lesson so made his way stealthily to the art cupboard to do some sleuthing.

There was something terribly out-of-place with his form teacher, he knew it, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. As he made his way to the cupboard he could see through the window she was on the phone, talking agitatedly to the person on the other end. In her hurry she had left the door slightly ajar so he was close enough to eavesdrop on her side of the conversation.

“No, no, I’m telling you. They’re not ready yet. I don’t know if they’ll ever be ready. Besides if you must know, I’m really rather fond of them”. There was a pause as she listened intently. “No, you’ll have to deal with me. There’s nothing here for you on this barren planet. Go home and leave them alone”. She stopped speaking and sighed grimly. As she sat on an overturned rubbish bin, as if by magic an antennae seemed to be growing through the top of her head and her face was taking on that grey tinge again. This time it didn’t stop at grey but pulsed through yellow and finally settled down as a mottled waxy white pallor. Her eyes blazed like lasers as she sat and thought.

Henry was unable to stop himself letting out a gasp of astonishment. She whirled around quickly and with a mighty stretch of her suddenly elastic arm caught hold of him and brought him before her. Setting him down on his feet she spoke calmly to him. “So Henry, you were always my nemesis. Now you have discovered the truth about me and more to the point are you going to tell everyone?”. As she was speaking her eyes were looking into his, probing, it felt like an x-ray scanner discerning his thoughts.

“No Miss, I promise” he squeaked. “Well, Henry I’m fond of all my students, even you. “.”However Proton high command will be here in the next few days wanting to know why I’ve not handed over your planet so I think I will have enough to deal with without worrying about you”.

With that she lifted him up bodily again and stretching her mouth wide she ate him.

The end.

Till next time.

PS if you don’t like the ending blame it on my gory daughter whose opinion I asked!



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