Firstly, I was pretty stunned to be nominated for this award as I’ve not been blogging long but it was a massive encouragement and an incentive to keep going. I would like to send bounteous, plentiful, tremendous swathes of Thankyous to the very lovely, extremely generous and undoubtedly beautiful ! (Someday I Will Get This Write). I would do some somersaults and cartwheels to illustrate my happiness but let’s be honest, no one really wants to see that do they?

Mine has not been a packed life in terms of winning awards. I did once win a runner-up prize in a bookstore poetry competition and I once won a fancy dress competition , dressed as a wizard at a holiday camp contest but that’s about it folks! I know they say it’s not the winning that counts, it’s the taking part but if I’m really honest it’s truly lovely to win sometimes. And here you see why its good I’ve not been nominated for an Oscar because I’m terrible at speech giving I’d probably do something horrendous like forget to thank my agent or my family. Speaking of family I would like to thank them for giving me the time to write my posts.

Now I come to the truly difficult part of this award. I have to nominate only 15 of you myself. You won’t know about this in advance so there is no chance of bribery or corruption and sadly no time for chocolates to be sent to influence my decision either. I genuinely love reading all of your blogs. You all encourage and inspire me daily so if you are not included its only because I’m limited by numbers.

The rules for this award can be found here and were a big help to me.

So without further ado and in no particular order of preference just because they are all amazing.



Gotta Find A Home

Interesting Literature


HarsH ReaLiTy


Susan Irene Fox

Many Musings Blog’s Blog


Happiness In Learning

Kindness Blog

Chris Martin Writes

Lady In The House

There were some people I wanted to include but sadly or wonderfully they had already been nominated previously.

Whatever you write, however prolific you are , please know that you all inspire me.

I now have to tell you 7 unknown facts about myself

1) I was born in a military hospital and for  the first few years of my life lived on army bases. Not that I recall any of it now.

2) In relation to no1 I once, as a small child picked some flowers from a friend’s garden because she told me to. I then got into trouble with her Father when she ratted me out. Slightly unfair

3) I don’t apparently hold my pen correctly when I write. Why this was not picked up in time I don’t know but it means I have a more developed tip to that finger where the pen presses.

4) I am only average height for a woman, sadly there go my supermodel dreams.

5) I have fairly bad hayfever but love the smell of grass after it’s freshly mowed.

6) In my misspent youth I occasionally smoked menthol cigarettes.

7) I live In Wales were they say it rains all the time, it doesnt!

Till next time and thanks again to priceless joy for the accolade.

PS. The only reason some of these blog names looked bigger is my poor copy and pasting skills, no other reason!


10 thoughts on “A hop and a skip and a Versatile Blogger nominee Hoopla!!

  1. Congratulations on your award:-) I am really enjoying reading it and am so glad you are still pursuing your dream to write. Keep at it – you have a talent

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