In the Bible it speaks about “a dream coming when there are many cares” (Eccl:5:3). If that’s true then I must have an awful lot on my mind because I dream almost every night! My dreams are usually vivid enough to remember too. I’m always surprised when people tell me that they don’t dream. Perhaps they mean they just don’t remember dreaming?
I’ve also heard it said that dreaming is your subconscious trying to make sense of what’s going on in your life. I could go along with that.
I must have had all of the classic dreams that people experience at one time or other. I’ve had the one where you’re desperately trying to find a toilet (or is that only me?), the one where you realise you’re walking around naked. This is quite often combined with being back at school in my dreams. I’ve had a few celebrity dreams where they seem utterly captivated by me. Would never happen in real life!
A dream interpreter would have a field day with me probably and a psychologist would probably section me!
As a Christian I don’t believe in the interpretations of dreams that are given by some so called experts but that’s not to say that God can’t give people the ability to know their meaning, ie Joseph and Daniel in the Bible.
I saw an article somewhere that stated it’s impossible for people to dream in colour or to read in their dreams but I’ve done both.
I have also had some dreams that I felt were messages from God with respect to certain situations and issues in my life that needed resolving.
I don’t have many what I would term nightmares but I do experience some scary dreams occasionally. I think though that this could be linked to the genre of books I’ve been reading lately late at night.
My most frightening dream recurs from time to time. It’s hard to explain but involves me sitting on the roof of a very tall building. This roof has no edge to it or lip on it if that explains it better. I’m sitting cross legged on the middle of the roof and a huge gust of wind starts blowing me to the edge of the roof and there’s nothing to grasp hold of. It usually ends there. I wake up, heart beating rapidly and full of panic.
It’s quite a mild dream so I’m not sure why it scares me so.
The other dream that sends me into panic is where I’ve lost sight of one of my children and I’m running around frantically trying to find them. I think that’s a fear most parents have. I do usually end up finding the child again but I always wake up with a bad taste in my mouth.
For the most part I find my dreams nonsensical and entertaining. I love the part of sleep where you are half asleep and half awake and can almost control the path that your dream goes down.
I have been known to try and go back to sleep to try to continue a dream I’m particularly enjoying.
So how about you? Do you dream regularly? Or do you never dream? Does anyone have a favourite dream or one they hate?

Till next time.



2 thoughts on “Dream a little dream…

  1. Dreams are interesting! I read recently that when you dream of someone at night then that person thought about you as they were falling asleep. 😀 Don’t know if this is true or not. I am one that doesn’t remember most dreams. The only dreams I remember are the one’s that I am dreaming of my ex-husband. Why I only remember those I have no idea! (Did he think about me before he went to sleep? :D) unlikely, but possible.

    I have also read (what you said), that our dreams help us release stress going on in our life at the time.

    I took a class in college about Dreams and was told that if you start writing your dreams down as soon as you wake you will start remembering more of them.

    Also, this article said that all people dream. If people say they don’t dream (like my ex-mother-in-law), then they are simply not remembering their dreams.

    1. Very interesting. I like the part about you dreaming of them because they thought of you. I still dream of people from my past even though I’m happily married. I don’t believe those people don’t dream, just don’t think they remember. I love going to bed and dreaming. It’s one of my favourite things.

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