If you were ever to see my brother and I side by side you would probably be fairly surprised. We are like chalk and cheese. He is into Heavy Metal, no God, multiple tattoos and countless piercings. I am into Easy Listening pop music, a Christian based life and no tattoos or piercings. What makes 2 people brought up in mostly the same circumstances so different?

The answer is Individual choice. We are unique. Different things inspire and excite us. I love him very much but apart from being siblings we have little in common. I think I was a teenager when he got his first tattoo. I didn’t think much about it other than the novelty or shock value. Over the years he has added to his collection and now it seems commonplace.

I think some tattoos are beautiful, real works of art but I’ve never seen the need to brand myself with one. I know people have them for all reasons, to mark children’s and loved ones names, to celebrate careers and times in them, ie the Army or Navy, to show their likings for particular tv shows even. It doesn’t really appeal to me.

I think some tattoos can look ridiculous and sad when people have aged significantly. A small dolphin can become a huge whale if someone puts weight on. As a Christian I’m not sure whether I agree with inking your skin anyway. It is spoken against in the Bible but I’m not enough of an expert to know why. Perhaps my main objection to them is the unnecessary pain involved. I am not a fan of inflicting pain on myself if it can be avoided. This does not mean though that I have anything against people who choose to go down this route. It just means we are different and that’s ok.

If there was a law passed saying all people with green eyes had to have a tattoo I would probably choose something small and unobtrusive like a butterfly or flower on my shoulder. This post was prompted by the Daily Prompt.  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/12/01/prompt-tattoo/

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