Early this morning just after the school run our dining room table looked like this :

I know, its awful isn’t it? And the thought of clearing it made me feel like this!

It didn’t get like that overnight and it isn’t as bad as it looks, honest. It’s a couple of loads of clean washing for the six of us combined with some paperwork and some books. It looks big and bulky because there are quite a few towels and sheets on it. It got to this state because we were very busy over the weekend and because I’m very good at washing the clothes but not so good at putting them away!

Saturday we were tidying the rest of the house and shifting wardrobes around and Sunday we had church twice and a nativity rehearsal so that took up most of the day. It’s not an excuse I know but I’m pleading the fifth anyway. I’ve mentioned before that I detest housework but I also know it’s a necessary evil if we don’t want to live and smell like piggies.

When the table looks like this it fills me with despair. Despair at having more to do, despair and frustration with myself for not doing it sooner and a real problem with knowing where to begin. At the moment this picture matches my brain. It feels like spaghetti escaping from a colander. It’s a very busy time of year anyway with lots going on at 2 schools for 4 children and church events too. I do try to keep track of it all on a calendar when I remember to update it but something usually falls by the wayside. Then there is the Christmas shopping for food and presents that I need to finish. I can’t do that all in one go because we don’t have the money so am having to spread it out over a few weeks.

I was only discussing this with someone yesterday. We were saying that we had both started our shopping earlier around October time but all of a sudden December is here and we still have loads to do and buy. Why is this? Christmas is the same time each year. It doesn’t creep up on us. Every year I say I will be better prepared and guess what? Again I’m lagging behind.

This week Wednesday is a significant day for us for family reasons so that is on my mind also. My mind feels like an overstuffed filing cabinet. When I suffered from depression I found the sight of a messy house more depressing and another thing to worry over. I also found it very difficult to concentrate on more than one thing at one time. I still carry that legacy somewhat. I sometimes have to ask my husband to slow down with things so my befuddled mind can process the several things he is talking about!

Now the dining room table looks like this and I feel much happier. However I really could do with a Christmas elf to help me finish the rest of the chores in the house, along with the present wrapping and buying. Not to mention the food shop.

Perhaps its just me. I do know I have to check myself sometimes when I leave the house to make sure I’m fully dressed!

You have to laugh really don’t you? Please say yes.

Till next time , from a scatterbrained Mother.


4 thoughts on “Is a cluttered table a sign of a cluttered mind?

  1. It is a busy time of the year and easy to become overwhelmed. I guess that is time for us to sit back, take a deep breath and realize what Christmas really is about. I am fortunate that my family just wants money. That is easy! No shopping! 😀

  2. We always have a cluttered house, the dining table is only tidy at the moment because I cleared it on Saturday to make space for the children’s advent calendars. I know the mess doesn’t help my depression but sometimes it’s overwhelming. Step by step…

    I never get to the door and wonder whether I’m dressed simply because I always get dressed before coming down… I’d run out of time after breakfast otherwise!

    1. Heehee. Just me then! The main thing about depression is being kind to yourself and giving yourself a break. If that means all you do is get up and do the absolute bare minimum that’s OK.

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