Last night as I was vacantly watching the tv, instead of getting up off the sofa and going to bed,an advertisement for a well-known fabric softener came on. I don’t need to tell you the brand but it was Lenor. The woman in the advert was snuggling down into a freshly washed and softened chunky woolly jumper. That reminded me of how much I look forward to Winter and the chance to get my winter jumpers down from the top shelf of the wardrobe to wear them. There is something wonderful and comforting about being encased in an old favourite. These jumpers are not all smart, some are slightly misshapen and past their best, not good enough to go out in but worn in just right to slob around at home and be cosy. It is like greeting an old friend you’ve  not seen for a while but truly missed.

I started thinking then about some more of my favourite things and have come up with a short list to tell you about. It’s not exhaustive by any means and I know after this is published I’m bound to remember more but here is part 1, in no order of preference.

1) The very first coffee of the day. Whatever time it is, whether it’s before or after the morning school run. It awakens my senses and my palate almost heaves a sigh of relief at being acknowledged.

2) Opening a ream of paper and taking the first, crisp sheet out. Its blank and fresh and just waiting to be put to use. I’m pleased by its snowy whiteness and soft feel.

3) Receiving something personal  via snail mail. Whether it’s a card or a letter. It’s so lovely to be thought of. Especially if it is unexpected. It means even more if it’s handwritten because I know how much I prefer to type my mail.

4) A hug from one of my children. You probably could have guessed that would be on my list. There is something so special about their arms wrapped around my neck. Even better when they’re unprompted particularly from the older ones who are slowly growing away from outward displays of affection as they age.

5) A brisk or leisurely walk anywhere. A chance to blow the cobwebs away and clear my mind. Particularly great when its raining and we’re all together and it’s fantastic when we discover a new walk.

6) Kicking the fallen crunchy leaves as I walk along. Their beautiful colours are still vibrant and they make a splendid carpet underfoot. I don’t care that I’m 42. I still love to do it.

7) Taking the hot clothes out of the tumble drier and burying my face in their residual warmth. They smell clean and fresh. Again it’s a comfort thing. We sometimes race to be the first one to do this job especially when the house is cold!

8) Lastly for now, the smell of a candle after it’s just been blown out. It smells sooty and slightly singed. Not too sure why I like it but I do.

Leaving my list there for now because it’s time for school run now.

What are some of your simple pleasures?

Till next time.


5 thoughts on “My Simple Pleasures.

  1. Many are the same as yours, but one is my favorite, when my kids would sit on the kitchen counter while I was cooking dinner and tell me about their day at school. (Of course, they were always in my way – but who cares!?)

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