Does anybody else out there get annoyed and frustrated with these incessant compensation adverts? It seems you can’t turn on the television these days without being bombarded by yet another firm of predators, sorry I mean lawyers, wanting to handle your accident claim.
Not only are these adverts cringe worthy and embarrassing they are largely unnecessary. If I’ve had an accident and wanted to claim compensation , which would be unlikely, I wouldn’t be contacting someone off the TV who would be wanting their cut of it too. These ambulance chasers as they used to be known have done people a disservice because they’ve given people an air of entitlement.
Perhaps it’s because people are desperate for employment but compensation claims are big business these days.
I can’t walk through my local town centre without somebody asking me if I’ve had an accident lately . You wouldn’t’ want to hear the unkind answer my husband gives them!I know they’re trying to make an honest living but I resent the intrusion into my life when I’m usually in a hurry to get somewhere.
These people are unscrupulous. They’re not sorting out your claim for nothing, they want their share of it. Hundreds of thousands of people have been duped by these companies who often ask for money up front and then don’t win a case for their clients.
Since when did we become so litigious?
What happened to the times when someone wronged you and you just let it go or turned the other cheek? I know there are some instances where compensation is the answer and truly deserved but not as many as are made out. Now we have people issuing historical grievances and suing people who they think wronged them years ago.
It was only 30 odd years ago that I was a child and we didn’t have this culture then. You could pick up your home phone without worrying it was a telemarketer or a sales call or a person wanting to sort out your PPI claim or a survey. I’m almost afraid to answer the phone these days because these people have a script they have to get through and are difficult to get off the phone. We are supposedly on the telephone preference system so we shouldn’t get these kinds of calls but they still recur. Now they’ve started calling my mobile too. Calls like that by and large get ignored. I don’t have time for them.
If I were ever in need of that kind of service I would do my own research not go with the first person who called me!
It’s got to the point where Doctors and other professionals must be scared to do their jobs in case they get sued down the line. Most of them are trying their hardest.
I know there are genuine instances where people must be made to pay for their incompetence but since when did this tip over into every area of our lives?
To be really honest I fear for us. Most of us are so pampered but we don’t realise it. Times and economic situations are only going to get more difficult. It’s about time we girded up our loins, put on some blitz spirit and realised the world doesn’t owe us a living. It’s up to us. If we don’t nip these adverts and cold calling in the bud I dread to think the kind of world our kids will grow up in.

Well, if you are one of those people who love tailored advertising then be sure to head to a Tesco petrol station soon where they’ll be running Minority Report style adverts geared just to you based on your previous shopping history.


2 thoughts on “The Blame Culture.

  1. I detest telemarketing calls and when I answer and find it is one of those telemarketing calls (or another “survey”, or need a handout), I simply hang up. I have had about 3 occurrences that I could have sued and won, but I chose not to. One of those really deserved it! He caused me to lose 70% of my kidney function. He was an oral surgeon and a complete a**hole. (He quickly retired when that happened).

    1. I know there are definite genuine occasions when sueing is called for, it’s the unnecessary ones that frustrate me. We seem to have become a culture that thinks it’s our right to complain about everything. I usually hang up too, someone suggested whistling down the phone or asking the caller for their home no!

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