One giant sack of Christmas cheer. Nobody is too sure  when this occurred but it was some time between missing the annual reindeer event in town and practising for the 3rd Nativity of the season.

Contents of sack usually include but are not limited to*

A happy smile

A knack of turning any tune into something Christmassy

A penchant for copious amounts of chocolate/mince pies/stollen/panatonne

A withdrawal from exercise apart from repeated movements of the remote control .

Lastly the tremendous ability to combine present buying, card writing and food shopping in one foul swoop.

If sack is found please return to the Rollinson household, deepest darkest Wales. Please note however such favours are not legally binding and may incur multiple flattening hugs of gratitude.

Sack usually looks something like this* 

* Sack also contains a variation on a bah humbug husband, a party blower that your children will blow incessantly until you snatch it out of their mouth and throw it in the fire and one of those weird fortune-telling fish that are a total swizz and are just affected by the temperature of your hand.

* representative image of sack. Not actual size.

Google images used.

11 thoughts on “In search of Christmas Cheer.

  1. Write a story through comments: Add to my comment:

    This downtown Santa was on the corner ringing the bell for Salvation Army with Calmgirl06’s Christmas Cheer! I saw it, and it looks exactly like the one she posted on her blog. Then, I saw a little girl and boy walk up to Santa and…

  2. And Santa yelled, “Children, children, come back. I have some Christmas Cheer for you!” Santa has calmgirl06’s bag of Christmas Cheer and as he hands out the Christmas Cheer, it multiplies and multiplies, but first he must find those who want it. Santa was sad. Suddenly….

    1. Inspiration struck. Santa remembered a conversation he’d had previously with Priceless Joy. He recalled a place where there was a significant number of people distinctly lacking in and in desperate need of Christmas cheer…

  3. With the information given by PJ, Santa decided to go to this place with his bag of Christmas Cheer. He was smiling, and his heart swelled with hope and happiness as he thought of those people needing Christmas Cheer. With calmgirl06’s bag of Christmas Cheer and PJ’s suggestion, Santa began his journey to the very poor who could not afford Christmas Cheer for their children. Although it might be a long walk to the “other side of the railroad tracks” Santa will

    1. Always go to those who need him and not only those who want him. He dug deeply in his sack handing gifts out in every direction as he saw the smiles and tears of gratitude on their faces.

  4. And the more Christmas Cheer that Santa handed out the more Christmas Cheer came inside the bag. It was brimming full and to overflowing. Santa decided it was time to take the bag back to the rightful owner and

    1. Jumped into his sleigh, summoned his reindeers with a whistle and with a sprinkling of magic dust they were flying over the houses and amongst the clouds . Seeing Calmgirl06’s house up ahead he…

  5. Dropped down into her chimney while she and her husband and children were sleeping and left the bag of Christmas Cheer. The bag had more Christmas Cheer than ever because of it being so graciously handed out to those who needed it. Then up through the roof he went yelling, “Merry Christmas! It’s Christmas! NOT Holiday!”

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