What kind of person are you? Are you the type who sets goals regularly? Do you make plans for areas in your life that you want to improve on? If so do you regularly review your progress over time to see how close you are to accomplishing your targets?

When December 31st is drawing to a close this year will you make resolutions about things you would like to change in 2014? Most people, it seems, make resolutions over the same issues. Weight loss, job changes, life changes. The drawing in of a New Year seems to inspire most of us to want to change our ways.

Perhaps it’s the realisation that we will never have that time over again. I always say I won’t make resolutions but I usually do. For me this year they included the desire to lose weight and to do some writing so I’m fairly pleased to have made some headway in both of those things.

Apparently most resolutions are broken in the month of January before people have really got going with them. It seems most of us lack that instinct to succeed. I’ve been told that it takes 6 weeks of regular activity to make something a part of your life. If we were all to persist a little longer we would have more chance of success.

This year I will probably make similar resolutions. I want to lose more weight and I want to make exercise a more regular part of my life. I’m thinking of doing some book reviews on my blog and I want to concentrate on making it more readable and user friendly. I would also like to get some work published if possible.

So, enough about me, how about you guys? Did you make any resolutions last year? Will you make any this year? Do you think they are a good idea or not?


8 thoughts on “Resolving to do better

  1. I did not make any resolutions. And I probably won’t this year either. 😀 Well, maybe one.. do more writing on my blog when inspiration hits me. I feel like New Year’s resolutions just set people up for failure. If it is something your really want to accomplish you should start it at anytime of the year, not just New Years.

  2. I don’t actually remember if I made any resolutions last year. If I did I probably haven’t achieved them as I’ve been so sick for just under 3/4 of the year. I’m just writing a post now but for next year I’m realising I have no idea of knowing what I’ll be able to achieve as my health fluctuates so much. So instead of setting goals or resolutions I’m going to set some aspirations, things I would like to focus on for the year. Not necessarily with set goals, although I do have a few things I’d like to achieve I’m going to be fairly flexible with timing so I don’t disappoint myself.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick for so long. That’s rough. I often begin with resolutions but disappoint myself for not fulfilling them. This time I decided to be kinder to myself and celebrate the goals reached, even if they were small ones. Your approach seems a sensible solution. Wishing you better health soon.

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