When will I learn not to order clothes mail order? When will the manufacturers learn that a bigger woman doesn’t necessarily want to dress in a tent? Just because I am a size bigger than the British average doesn’t mean I am bigger all over. I still want to wear clothes that fit and flatter.

I had in mind to dress smart for Christmas Day rather than my usual top and trousers. I thought a dress would be a nice change. Trying to find a suitable one is a minefield. I wanted one mail order so I could pay it off over a longer period. This meant I could not go into the shop to try them on. All of the fashionable dresses at the moment are either so tight or nipped in as to be uncomfortable and embarrassing or they stop at knee-length. My least favourite area, meaning people would see my legs. I don’t want to see them so I’m sure no one else would.

Many of the plus size catalogue models have good legs so they look reasonably ok in shorter length dresses. I am the standard pear shape so carry most of my weight on my stomach and legs.

Anyway I found a designer in the catalogue and I quite liked the look of 2 of his dresses so I ordered both thinking I would send the one I didn’t like back. Well it looks as if they are both going back. They don’t hang right. They are too big where they shouldnt be and the material is skimpy and rough. These were £40 dresses so they weren’t cheap but they don’t do the style or designer justice. I suppose I should have realised that what looks great on a skinny size 10 model is not going o look the same on me. I don’t care what people say. Clothes look and hang better on smaller women. That’s why catwalks are full of size zero girls.

For those wondering why I don’t just slim down to a smaller size well I am trying but it takes time. Unless I go to sleep tonight and wake up a size 12 there are no quick fixes, just regular exercise and a better diet. What really frustrates me is now I have the hassle of sending these back.

Looks like its back to the drawing board for me!

Till next time.


2 thoughts on “A catalogue of errors.

  1. I understand how you feel! It is horrible to like something in a catalog, order it, only to have it look horrible on you. I hope you will be able to find a dress you like for Christmas! 🙂

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