Yesterday was the last Nativity event one of our children were involved in this year. It was our youngest child’s turn. It was great to be able to go with my husband this time as he is usually at work.

She is 6 and she didn’t have a main part. She was one of several villagers but she did have one line which she delivered with great aplomb. It’s so lovely seeing her have the confidence to do this because last year she found it overwhelming and cried all the way through. I was at the back of the hall not able to get to her to comfort her. It was heartbreaking. I did manage to see her after although even that almost involved an argument with the head mistress!

So anyway, what a difference a year makes. She was happy and composed and sang and danced with gusto. A joyful little soul. Thinking about it all of the children are happy and doing well at the moment. Despite Daddy being out of work and the implications involved they seem to have benefited from all the extra family time we’ve had so that’s been a wonderful by product.

When I was watching her Nativity it led me to reflect on why are we still performing this play 2000 years later?

There are many different reasons I’m sure but I think it’s got something to do with the story itself. It has all the makings of a good tale. Adventure, danger, love, miraculous events and exciting characters.

I know some of the children involved yesterday won’t be Christians or religious as mine are but I’m sure for them it’s just as exciting because it marks the beginning of Christmas. It’s about a baby, that’s appealing to most children.

To me, the Christmas story brings hope because it shows God stretching out His hand to the world to lead them back to Him.

So, how about you? Does the Christmas story inspire you or do you celebrate Christmas as a non religious family time?


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