A very random thought popped into my head the other night. Nothing new there I know!

I was thinking of ideas for new blog posts and this came to me. If I could change one of my physical features or attributes what would it be? See I said it was random. I blame the cheese!

Other than the usual womanly desire to be thinner or fitter I would upgrade my eyesight if it was possible. I’m very shortsighted. I wear glasses all the time. In fact I’m so shortsighted that if I take my glasses off I can’t see the other side of a small room clearly . It’s just one big blur.

For the sake of vanity I tried contact lenses for a few months but all the cleaning and solutions and rummaging in my eyes didn’t seem worth it. Now I have 3 pairs of fashionable spectacles that I rotate according to my mood.
The only time it’s difficult not seeing well is when we go for a family swim but usually my husband is there also so we somehow make it work ok. Actually my husband is quite deaf so we joke that when we’re both old I won’t be able to see him and he won’t be able to hear me. Recipe for a perfect marriage maybe! πŸ™‚

I know I could have laser surgery to fix it but I’m squeamish and the operations are expensive. I’ve also been told by a couple of opticians that it’s a risky op and if you have it done you can’t get cataracts operated on later in life. Not sure how true that is.

So what about you? If you could upgrade or change one physical feature or attribute what would it be?


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