As I have already posted  on a different topic this will only be a short post. When I saw the Daily Prompt I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some things off my chest.  Daily Prompt asked what is your least favourite quality in others? Mine hands down, every single time, would be lying. I cannot abide being lied to. It ranks alongside disloyalty in my book. Sadly it occurs fairly frequently. I can usually tell. I always feel its unnecessary. I often catch others out but I very rarely let on because I don’t really like conflict which is immature I know. However it always disappoints me, particularly if it happens often and it does change how I feel about people.

You might wonder if I do much lying myself? As I detest it in others I try not to lie myself but of course that doesn’t mean it never happens. It’s not something I am ever proud of though.

The second thing I hate is unequal friendships. I am a loyal person and it hurts my feelings when people can’t hop across a puddle for me when I’ve navigated a virtual waterfall for them. Perhaps I am too intense. I do feel I care about others too deeply sometimes but I don’t know how to be any different. I am learning though.

For Daily Prompt extra points the qualities I least like in myself are low self esteem and insecurity and over analysing things. These qualities colour my relationships and often make me worry needlessly about them. I could do with growing up in these areas.

Till next time.


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