I am feeling abundantly sorry for myself today. My eyes are streaming, my nose is dripping like a tap and I’m full of cold. I’ve made myself tidy the house all morning instead of resting up which is silly even by my standards.

I know the Christmas season is busy for everyone and this will be reflected in views and comments etc but just in case there are any of my beloved erstwhile readers still checking in from time to time I couldn’t leave you without a blog post today. Admittedly not a very good blog post but trying to fight these germs that have invaded my body is taking all of my strength and most of my mental power so I’m blaming it on that.!

So my dear readers or anyone who may have stumbled on this by accident I leave you this:

This being an exact representation of the fire that is glowing in my house at the moment. Of course you can’t actually sit by it and be warmed by it but the thought was there ( which is really not much help I know). May said fire warm the cockles of your respective hearts the way your friendship and views and comments have warmed mine.

Before I am accused of rambling even further let me take the chance of wishing you A very Happy Christmas to you and yours.

I’m (you will be relieved to hear) going now to wipe my eyes, blow my nose and dose myself up with cold and cough medicine before Rudolph worries I am after his job.

Till next time


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