Thankfully it’s now the evening of Boxing Day and things are winding down with regards to the Christmas celebrations. We had yesterday to ourselves other than church, which was a real treat as it meant we could do everything to our timescale as opposed to that of guests. Come the evening we were all settled in front of a roaring log fire, just happily being together.
Today was spent visiting family. After all the mad rush to be ready in time for Christmas it’s a relief to have it over to a certain extent.

Why do we feel so much pressure to have everything perfect this time of year? To buy the perfect presents? Cook the perfect meal?
I don’t know but it’s difficult to not give in to the hype sometimes.

It’s all relative though isn’t it when you think that some people don’t have anything this time of year and thousands of children are homeless.

Makes me count my blessings.

Hoping that you all enjoy and survive unscathed the rest of the holidays!

Till next time.


2 thoughts on “And… Breathe…

  1. That is true. We all want to make everything perfect during Christmas for our loved ones. I guess because it simply makes us feel good (tired later though :D) I’m glad you survived all the work it takes and are able to relax now. GBY!

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