Dear reader, lovely reader of mine. May I say how wonderful you’re looking right now? Is that a new jumper? Dress, hair cut? Have you lost weight? (Delete as applicable).
My sole purpose in writing this post is to draw your attention to the fact that if I’ve counted correctly this is my 100th post. And in my eyes and in my book that is cause for celebration.

Because (never start a sentence with because) I never honestly thought I would get this far. I thought I would get a few weeks in, a few posts in and give up.

But much to my surprise I haven’t. I find myself enjoying this blogging business enormously. I find I have an opinion on a wide variety of subjects and that I’m not averse to giving said opinion regularly.

I now have almost as many followers as number of posts. I’m so grateful. Yes, one day it would be lovely to have thousands. Who wouldn’t want that? But it is lovely to be part of this small community and to have made new friends. Something of which you can never have too many.

So, dear special readers, I charge my glass of virtual amber liquid and toast your delightful selves because I honestly truly could not have done it without you. Literally.

Till next time.


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