Forgive me because I know your reader will be full of blog posts like this but the end of this year wouldn’t be complete, for me, without a backward glance at 2013.

I think I will christen 2013 as the year of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant.

January 2013 saw me in a totally different place to the view that is now mine to gaze upon. We were an averagely content family who were of the belief that our major trials were hopefully behind us . We had found and committed to a church that felt like home, we were living in a beautiful house, my husband had an ok job that came with a few bugbears but we were learning ways around them and how to put up with them.

The first 6 months of the year were pretty much the same as usual for us.

In July just before the Summer holidays my husband lost his job in terrible circumstances, the repercussions of which we are still coping with.

In a way, I have grieved for my former life. The whole gamut from disbelief, anger, and finally acceptance.

The same time this was happening things were stirring under the surface of our church life too. This eventually, sadly led to the resignation of our pastor and our own leaving the church.

This situation is in the process of being resolved and we are settling elsewhere.

Someone has made a spoof of the poem “desiderata” which reads “if you can keep your head while those around you weep you’ve obviously misread the situation”!.

At times I have felt that applied to myself. Things that should have shaken and rocked the core of our marriage have actually served to strengthen it. My husband has been able to have an abundance of time to spend with me and the children and it’s been amazing.

Those things that were meant for harm that are written off in the bible, God has used for good and to refine us. Why should we accept good from Him and not trouble?

Some wonderful friends of ours have seen to it that we’ve been kept supplied with the necessities like food but also luxuries like coffee shop vouchers. We’ve even been blessed with free firewood.

We may not have had all we wanted but we have had what we’ve needed.

To end this before you lose interest, in September I began this blog and it’s been a lifeline in itself in keeping my spirits up.

My most successful post was “Can Christians suffer from depression?”. This post had the most views. It’s also one of the posts I’m most proud of.

Just as an aside, people from all walks of life suffer from this tenacious disease. In the church particularly, it may not always be the ones you suspect.

We have learned to wear our masks well and aren’t usually sitting in the corner crying. In fact we are usually the ones who are fairly extrovert, friendly people who you think have it all together.

It’s an illusion of course.

It only remains for me to wish you a Happy New Year for 2014 and to thank you, once again for reading my blog.

Till next time.


2 thoughts on “A New Year’s Eve Retrospective.

  1. I’m sorry you and your family have had so many troubles to overcome but I think it is absolutely wonderful that you both overcame them so graciously. That makes the both of you awesome people! I love reading your blogs, and now I need to go find the one you were talking about in this post….. ((HUGS!))

    1. Thanks so much Joy. Much appreciated. I posted this on my phone otherwise I would have included the link to the post but didn’t know how to do it like that! Happy New Year!

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