Greeting this freshly pressed, beautiful, pristine, shiny new year of 2014 with excitement and awe I hereby resolve the following:

: To not feverishly check my phone every 5 minutes worrying I’ve missed something momentous despite having the volume up and all notifications on.

: To live by the adage “if I can’t say something nice to not say anything”, implying this will be a largely silent year.

: To spend more quality time with friends and family and with all others to adopt the Graham Norton approach to visitors *

: To regularly empty out my bag of care and don’t give a monkeys.

: To stop comparing myself to photoshopped and airbrushed women.

: To do something courageous with my hair *

: To not allow my monobrow to win the fight.

: To fit into the next size down clothing. Moving that size up will not count as achieved

: To write what I desire even if it means I have to change my name and go live in a remote wilderness.

: To remember that biscuits and crisps are not a regular sustainable breakfast.

: To remind my husband of the reasons he married me and vice versa.

: To seek out new coffees in far flung realms.

: To be kinder to myself than I ever am.

: To remember life is not a rehearsal so stop being the understudy.

: To practice wearing purple for when I’m old.

: To stop pretending I’ve heard somebody even if I’ve already asked them 3 times to repeat themselves .

: To ignore all digs and jibes of jelly fish people. *

: To stop obsessing over being freshly pressed, going viral or winning other awards.

That’s got to be enough to be going on with.

* Graham Norton approach to visitors. Open the door wearing your coat, if it’s someone you’re glad to see tell them you just got in. If someone you wish to avoid tell them you’re about to go out.

* to do anything with my hair!

* Jelly fish people. See Bridget Jones. People who look like they’re giving you a compliment but really insulting you.


22 thoughts on “Brand new 2014…

      1. You are so funny. That is a compliment. I love your sense of humor. What brought me here was your very interesting story to Kenneth about the church. Sounds like something to see one day. Beautiful

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