I watched the end of Sherlock season 3 last night, along with 8.8 million others. I won’t go into the plot details in case you’ve not seen it yet but it obviously featured Sherlock at his best deducing and solving clues.

Mind Palaces featured quite heavily in last night’s episode. A mind palace, as far as I can make out, is like a mental filing system of every piece of information you have come across, all referenced and cross referenced. When you need to recall the information you bring to mind which part of the palace it dwells in and bring it to the forefront of your memory.

How I long for a mind like that. It may mean like Sherlock I would have to delete some other information but it would be incredibly useful.

I have an uneasy feeling that a foray into my mind palace would go something like this.

“Hello Madam. How may I help you? You’re looking for information on learning to crochet? Right. One sec. Crochet. That’s almost like knitting. That’s almost like sewing. Umm hang on. Having slight difficulty locating that file. It was around here somewhere the other day. Would that come under craft do you think?
Got it. Try that cabinet there, 3rd drawer down. Just move those papers, they need to go in the shredder. That’s that exercise routine you did once and gave up on. What do you mean crochet isn’t in there? Well, I can offer you cricket or croquet or (in a stab of desperate enthusiasm) chocolate.
You like chocolate. No? Suit yourself.”.

And that would be about it. It’s not that I don’t know about lots of things. I read avidly. I know lots of trivial facts about many subjects. I just don’t always remember how to access that information.

My own particular mind palace is full to bursting, in need of decorating, under utilised and in dire need of a dust.

Perhaps this year I will delete some of its unnecessary information and reorganise it and place some new facts inside it.

Wish me luck!


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