I read the paper daily. Quite often I look to see what is happening in the lives of well known people and celebrities. It’s an area of interest of mine. A case of how the other half live I suppose.

Now I’m not naive. I know that newspapers are in business to sell their papers and therefore they’re not always the most impartial sources. They can angle a story a certain way to make it have the impact they want, hardly seeming to care that they’re dealing with people’s lives. I guess I’m partly responsible for perpetuating the problem by reading these articles.

However, I’m 42, I have 4 children so I think that partly qualifies me to have an opinion on what goes on in the world, having a certain amount of life experience.

I despair, in a way, of the Hollywood film scene. They nurture these young stars through their squeaky clean Disney days and then seem to leave them to their own devices once they are grown up and not so profitable for them.

I’m thinking particularly of Miley Cyrus and Shia laBeouf.

Both of these “stars” seem to be going through some sort of meltdown and I can’t understand why someone, anyone, friend, parent or anyone in their entourage can’t say, lovingly, “Hey you’re being a bit of an idiot lately!”.

Surely as a close onlooker you can’t think the way they are acting is right? I know as parents we have to love and accept our kids but part of that is telling your kids when they’re wrong.

And they both are, at the moment.

In both these cases people have tried to reach out to these two and been rebuffed.

Shia and Miley, you’re both relatively young. You don’t know everything. Learn from the benefit of other people’s wisdom because let me tell you this, people are losing interest in you and the way you’re acting at the moment.

Do yourself a favour and stop listening to the yes men in your lives. They’re only in it for what they can get out of you.

Miley. You’re no longer a suitable role model for young girls and us older girls aren’t shocked and awed by your behaviour. We’ve seen it all before. In fact we’ve seen nearly all of you before! Have some self respect and cover up. That would be more shocking than letting it all literally hang out.

And Shia. Really? Real sex scenes in a movie? It’s not daring. It’s just pornographic. There is a reason other people pulled out of this film and why others turned down roles in it. It’s a stupidly horrendous idea that will sadly reduce you to a laughing stock. And seriously? No one wants to see that part of you either. You need to have some self respect too.

I used to be able to let my children watch your films. I understand you want to experiment and do something different as an actor but that is not the way to do it, by alienating half your audience!

I doubt either Miley or Shia will ever read this… But if they do they might want to say “Come back and give me advice when you’ve got millions in the bank too”. Fair enough. I might not be wealthy and known to many but I have something your money can’t buy you. I have self respect which means I can sleep at night and look myself in the eye and that’s priceless.

My advice to Shia and to Miley would be to keep your head down for a while, steer clear of the limelight, surround yourselves with people who genuinely have your interests at heart, stop listening to the yes men and consider your ways.


4 thoughts on “Always Listening to the Yes Men?

  1. It’s sad, really, when people listen to the only advisers around them who are only out to use them to make a buck. There aren’t enough wise role models, ones with integrity and courage, willing to reach through the fog and the clutter, to say, “Stop it. You’re worth so much more than this.” Temptations abound with promises of fortune and fame. A whisper of truth is difficult to hear amid the loudness of lust and the fear of never enough.

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