A while back I wrote a post about what physical attributes I would change if I were able. This naturally led me onto thinking about what mental attributes I would also choose to alter.

We call these personality traits quirks or foibles sometimes. They are not necessarily qualities we are born with, rather they are attributes that are shaped by our backgrounds and upbringing and events that take place in our lives.

My one pet hate, that I’ve probably alluded to before is over analysing things. I can turn things over and over in my mind looking at them from so many angles and extracting information until there is nothing meaningful left.
To the point where even I’m sick of it and have to almost force my brain to switch off.

I think it started from a healthy need to understand things but it has taken on an altogether unhealthy persona.

I must admit it is not as bad now I am older and can control it and myself better.

It was at its peak in my adolescence when I was starting to discover boys and give my heart away. One particular boy I liked I can still recall most of our conversations because I studied them in my head and sucked the life out of them.

Sad hey?

However that’s one of the joys of being older and knowing yourself better, that I can choose what I think about and dwell on.

This year one of my real resolutions is to work on some of the less desirable aspects of my personality.

How about you? Any personality traits you would change if you could?

Till next time.


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