According to many varied sources today 20th January is called “Blue Monday”, otherwise known as the most depressing day of the year.

Poor Monday. It gets a bad rap but in a way this particular Monday dislike is understandable.

Christmas now seems ages ago, Summer holidays loom in the too distant future and the weather is largely disagreeable almost as if it’s mimicking our moods.

I’ve had some exercise today and that has brightened my spirits a little but I must own up to a slight case of the blues myself. Nothing gut wrenching, more a sense of sadness and unease.

I put this down to the fact that this week ahead is another significant one for my husband and our family. We’re waiting on an outcome we can’t control. We can not anticipate what this will be.

Along with this my son had to have some time off school last week because he was ill. This is always a tough call because any absence from school and prolonged period at home increases his school anxiety.

Today was his first day back after his illness and he appears to have taken a step backwards to his fear and not wanting to be away from me.

I’m hoping, for his sake that it’s just a blip, he’s done so well with school since he started high school.

It’s hard. I sent him off with many hugs and kisses, with his sister and his Dad who was driving them but it felt so inadequate.

I know it’s only 6 hours in his school day but that’s a long time away when you’re scared and anxious.

As parents we have to make tough judgement calls sometimes and it doesn’t get easier.

There are times when a hug and a kiss and a prayer feel so small, like dressing a gaping wound with a tiny band-aid. Yet they are all we can give. We have to trust that the one with power in these situations, God, will show up and do His part in healing these blues and sadnesses.

Till next time.


2 thoughts on “Blue Monday and Band-aids..

  1. I am sorry to hear your son as been ill. Thankfully he is well now, but I will pray that his anxieties about school will cease. I will also keep you in my prayers S that all of you will have much much brighter days ahead. ((Hugs))

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