You see? I told you before we left the house that I shouldn’t have worn this outfit and now I’ve gone and left my speech behind and I’ll have to do something charming like Jennifer Lawrence did and trip up the stairs to take your mind off my lack of speech.

I’m sorry, I seem to have gone into some Oscar acceptance speech fantasy there…. Sigh, perhaps one day.

However in the mean time I would like to extend an enormous lip smackingly juicy Thankyou to the very kind and lovely Dotta Raphels, over at, who has nominated me for the Shauny Award for Blogging Excellence.

I would encourage you to go and check out her awesome, compassionate blog at the link above.

Being given awards is a delight and an honour. I am sure there are many more worthy recipients of this award than myself. I think most of us writers are highly critical of our scribblings. It is enough though to know that our writing may have touched someone else. We all have a story to tell, whoever we are.

The Shauny Award for Blogging Excellence has these straightforward rules.

  • Show Humanity
  • Show Love,
  • Be Yourself, Don’t Be Others,
  • Don’t Gossip,
  • and Share This Award with 10 others.

There are many wonderful blogs that I follow but the one person who has been consistent in her friendship, comments and blogging fellowship is  with her blog titled BLEEDING My EMOTIONS. Therefore Joy, consider yourself nominated.!

She is participating in the Zero to Hero Challenge at the moment and writes an amusing and heartwarming blog.

Others I would list for your consideration as great bloggers, although very different, and here is where I wish I had more than 9 nominations left are

Kindness Blog


Interesting Literature

Susan Irene Fox


The Top 10 Of Anything And Everything!!!

Bryan Patterson’s Faithworks

Quiet Desperation

I wish I could nominate everyone I follow. They are all fabulous.

The second blog badge on my site is for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was actually given this a while back but its taken me this long to work out how to attach it to my page. In the end I had to enlist my teenage daughter’s help!

So thank you again to all my readers, followers, commenters. You make my blogging journey worthwhile.

Till next time.

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