We all know the sayings, “Nothing worth having is easy” and “If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got”‘ sadly these sayings drive home relevant truths.

I wish they didn’t. Seems like everything I like or am fond of is bad for me in some way, shape or form. If I eat to excess I will become fat, If I don’t take enough exercise I will be flabby and out of shape, If I don’t exercise my brain I will lose its power, If I don’t practise love I will grow and nurture hate in its stead.

It frustrates me. The truth is I am lazy. I want all the success and recognition without the hard work and sweat. Having been an habitual procrastinator how do you change? How do you discipline yourself and your soul and your body to gain the reward?

Well the good thing is the desire for change is a strong motivator in winning this battle. It’s surviving that initial burst of novelty and enthusiasm that’s the tough part. It takes 6 weeks to form a habit but the statistics show that many of us give up new healthy habits or self-improvement challenges within just one week, similar to the length of time New Years resolutions last.

This year is not significant in itself for me. It is however a year that I want to address some issues in my life. Some of these are selfish ones like losing weight and toning up, although that will benefit my family too because hopefully it will increase my lifespan. Some of my desires for change such as trying to be more patient, spending more time in prayer and reading my bible are bound to affect others also, like a ripple across the water.

I will never be anyone else. I cannot be and mostly I don’t want to. I do however owe it to myself and other people to be the best possible version of myself.

So that is why I will keep practising healthy habits, good housekeeping and better social skills because I may absolutely detest the process but I greatly appreciate the end results!

Till next time.


5 thoughts on “The necessity of good habits.

  1. You speak for a great majority of people in this post! We want the benefits without the work in many things. Sadly, it doesn’t “work” that way at all…

    I suppose one must reach the point of wanting a different outcome more than they want another failure. I know I quit smoking…at least 50 times! And then one evening, I thought I was really having a heart attack. The scare pushed me to finally quit…instantly!

    Old habits are hard to break. Being “uncomfortable” and pushing ourselves isn’t the way we want to live. Yet, it comes to that with some things.

    Good post…


      1. What was even worse, I had a mild heart attack a few years before…as a very young man…and continued to smoke for several years afterward! Talk about being dumb…

        That’s why the return of those pains that evening at dinner made the situation even more frightening! I finally “wised up” that evening…

        Oddly enough, this diet is harder for me to “swallow” than quitting smoking. However, I will be successful!

        Enjoy your day, my dear, and thanks for the comments as always!


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