I’ve just finished listening to an article on Radio 2 about human trafficking.
The young woman who was speaking had been trafficked from her home country of Nigeria to Spain and then to the UK.

She was forced to work as a prostitute and when she attempted to leave this destitute life her son was kidnapped and this was used as coercion to return to this lifestyle.

Finally through a chain of bizarre circumstances she was arrested for identity fraud. She had chanced upon an identity card in a train station and was trying to pass herself off as this person to flee her traffickers.

When she was questioned by police they only seemed to believe she was trying to remain in the country illegally and appear to have given her trafficking account little credence. It is estimated that over 10,000 people are victims of trafficking, 1000 of which are children. These are government statistics so there is a real chance that the figures are much higher.

This is heart breaking. I know there are people who trick their way into countries and lie to immigration and claim benefits they are not entitled to.

But anyone with an ounce of compassion only had to listen to this woman’s story to know she was genuine.

Thankfully she is now being helped by the Poppy Project.

Her account makes me question again our attitudes to our fellow man.

I thought things had progressed but we seem to still be living in the dark ages or the times of slavery that William Wilberforce fought so hard to abolish.

And these men who traffic these young women and these men who visit them and use them as prostitutes? Woe to you! Be sure your sins will find you out is what I want to say until I remember that I’ve been shown grace and mercy for my sins….. . There is a day of reckoning coming though for all of us.

In this day and age it is archaic and morally reprehensible for one person to own another human. Even us parents don’t “own” our children.

So I would ask you what do you consider to be the value of a humans life?

If you feel as I do that you cannot put a price on it then it is time for us to stand up and be counted, to speak out against injustice and to give a voice to those suffering from human and sexual trafficking. Because it is simply the right thing to do.

Till next time.


8 thoughts on “What price a human life?

  1. Absolutely! I believe the numbers are even higher than reported. Most of them are children (under the age of 18). I get reports from our FBI all the time about them catching this type of thing, but we all have to help put a stop to it. We need to keep up with “Missing Children” and keep a watchful eye out for them. If your country allows you to receive information regarding this – subscribe to it! Keep informed. Great post!

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