On a rare, unbidden whim I’d gone to the beach alone that day. It was blistering hot, the ice cream vendor was working overtime to keep up with demand and my heart sank within me at the sight of all the tourists stretched end to end on the yellowing, seen slightly better days sand.

I removed my sandals and rolling my sleeves up made my way to the less nice patch of beach around the corner.

The sand was sparser there and interspersed with weeds and driftwood caught by the tide.

Tourists rarely made it round this far as it didn’t fit their image of the classic picture postcard seaside shore. It was popular with rock poolers and metal detectors though.

Much to my relief I had it to myself other than a couple making romance in the far sand dunes.

I made myself comfortable on a rocky outcrop and sat down to think. I had lots to think about.

I’d had a vague idea of reading so I’d thrown a novel on the passenger seat when I’d got in the car. It was by one of my favourite authors but lately I had found her stories frustrating. They all seemed to end the same way with a horrible twist and after you’d invested your life and your time in her characters it was something of a letdown.

After about 15 minutes of realising I was getting nowhere with my book or my thinking I stood up and stretched out my legs, my hand shielding my eyes from the glare of the sun.

I walked quickly to the other end of the sand being careful to avoid the public display of affection in the dunes. I skimmed a few stones but I’d lost my touch.

I was beginning to think of going home when my gaze fixed on an object in the shallows of the water. I was disappointed when I realised it was just a plastic squash bottle but I picked it up intending to do my good deed and drop it in the bin on my way past.

It looked as if it had been in the water a long time, it’s label was almost gone and I could just make out the brand name.
I was surprised to see a folded piece of paper inside. I didn’t think kids went in for that kind of thing any more.

Smiling broadly I fished the piece of paper out and my smile froze.

One word printed on it. That word “Run”. I vaguely heard the thrumming of the Tardis engines in the background as I took to my heels and ran for my life.

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