Image  As my regular readers will know we are a family of Coffee lovers. Coffee snobs would be more accurate. I’ve cheated a bit with this prompt but these are the coffee pots that make our days more bearable. I like the fact the fact that the taller pot is losing it’s patina. Shows it’s well used. I do drink sweet tea occasionally when I’m ill but Coffee is my preferred choice of beverage.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Object


22 thoughts on “Objects close to our heart. Weekly Photo Challenge-Object

  1. OOO…I love coffee! I began as a hot coffee lover, but now it is an iced coffee every day. In fact, since I’ve begun to eat healthier, (dumb doctor’s orders), my coffee is one of the only “little pleasures” I still have left come breakfast time…
    Great post!
    Have a great weekend, Calm.

      1. I love iced tea too. Can’t have a lot of different things to drink…tea, coffee, and water are about it!

  2. Love those pots. While I am not, nor never have been, a coffee drinker, I still appreciate the loveliness of your pots.
    BTW, the worse thing in diet drinks (gum, too) is aspartame, an anti-ulcer drug that is very hazardous to your health—it just happens to taste really sweet. Because of this, G.D. Searle Co. decided to sell it as a sweetener—health be d****d. NutriSweet, Equal, Spoonful, and Equal-Measure are some of the names it goes by.
    Dr. Mercola refers to it as the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to food. You can read about it at – sorry about the lecture.
    Meanwhile, why don’t you come check out my photo challenge entry at

      1. I agree with your last statement. In the US, the government has been taken over the big corporations, so they are able to get anything and everything they want from concessions by the government, even to the government passing legislation that says big pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued for all the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by their products, to say nothing of the millions who have suffered because of their so-called “side effects”. They’re not side effects, they’re just effects.

        Plus, the big corporations are using the long arm of the government to shut down independent farmers, like the Amish, for selling raw milk and such. And it gets worse than that.

        It’s a sad state of affairs.

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