The bible tells the story of the Good Samaritan who stopped to help a man after he’d been robbed. He took him to a place of safety, made sure his wounds were tended to and paid his costs while he was being looked after.

The Samaritan did not have to do this. He could have walked by this man and avoided him or pretended not to notice him, or crossed over to the other side of the road like this victim’s fellow country men already had.

But he didn’t. Why? What made him have compassion on this man? What made him show humanity in this situation? A spark of goodness?

Well, it’s a parable, an example of the stories that Jesus told to make His point.

But there are real life stories like this. A teacher who donates a kidney to a pupil, a couple who pay for another diner’s food. These stories and many more like them are featured daily on the kindness blog. A blog well worth following if you want heart warming instances of other people’s kindnesses.

These stories bring us hope and in my life they point me to Jesus because He is the ultimate Good Samaritan who had compassion on His fellow man.

I heard a story today of a man who had made up his mind to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge in London because he’d been diagnosed with a mental illness.

This man got to the bridge early in the morning, climbed over the railings and was plucking up the courage to jump when he was approached by a stranger who asked what was going on, spent time chatting to him even though he was on his way to work and paraphrasing a much longer story told him he could get through this diagnosis. It didn’t have to mean the end for him.

Today the would be jumper is alive and well because someone chose to put him first. They made him feel he mattered. Sadly there was heavy traffic on this bridge and many other passers by, who, for various reasons had ignored him.

What if this Samaritan hadn’t stopped? What if he hadn’t shown compassion?
It doesn’t bear thinking about.

There have been miracles in my life because people have taken time to care, they have provided for us, they have shown compassion and humanity to us.
When we were in need of a car but knew realistically we could not afford one we decided to make this a lesson of faith. We discussed it with the children and then we prayed about it as a family and left it at that.

We did not discuss this with anyone.

A day or so later an envelope was pushed through our letter box containing a large sum of money which was enough to buy a car.

We still don’t know where this money came from. There was no letter or note inside.

I am so grateful that people have not passed us by or walked on the other side rather than come to our aid.

We each in our lives have opportunities to do good to others. If we decide not to for what may be very good reasons, there is a chance someone else may come along, like that Samaritan did, but we will be the poorer for it.

If you can please pay it forward.

It doesn’t have to be financially. It might just be having coffee with a person who is lonely.

Till next time.


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