There used to be a programme that aired in the UK. I don’t remember it’s name but it qualifies under the car crash TV bracket. The presenter would take a look at the life of a family, who were usually overweight, she would see what food they ate, what exercise they got, if any, and how they parented. The major part of the programme was when they would forecast how the children would be in 10 or so years and would end with the horrified parents exclaiming “We’re killing the kids”.

Not literally you understand but by letting their kids roam free, not policing their diet and lifestyle and basically being lazy.

Well confession time. I am holding my hands up and saying I am that remiss parent. Or it would be more accurate to say I have on occasion been that parent.

By giving my children unhealthy snacks, by not regularly monitoring their TV and internet usage, by giving them junk food meals instead of proper home cooked food. The list goes on.

You might be thinking I should be ashamed. If it’s any consolation I am. I could try to blame it on extenuating circumstances, having little money, organic and healthy foods being more expensive but the real truth is that in our case this remiss parenting is largely down to lack of planning and laziness.

Having decided that we need to make major family lifestyle changes my husband and I are now seeking healthier alternatives to feed our children.
To my dismay there don’t appear to be any fizzy drinks that don’t contain sweetener or sugar in some form so as I am the major culprit for that I need to stick to juice, water or milk.

I was wondering whether you guys would be able to give us any advice?

What food and drinks and healthy snacks do you give your children?
By the way the huge bee in my bonnet is due to the fact that food manufacturers label foods and drinks as healthy and low fat and low in sugar but they are still really unhealthy. Yet another example of a blog post I got sidetracked on.
Thanks in advance.


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