When we become Christians and choose to accept Christ we think that the major part of our choice has been made and so it has.

But our daily reality is that we face choices in our lives all the time. Each day a new set of circumstances faces us and we have to choose all over again. Choose whether to follow our own old ways or Jesus example.

These choices can be tough and often sacrificial. Choosing not to spend time in relationships that would threaten our marriages, choosing to speak good of others and not ill, choosing to spend our hours and minutes in profitable ways and not for our own glorification.
Sometimes these choices may seem to bring an about turn in our personalities for example, not pursuing conversations that are crude or not indulging in behaviours we previously found to be ok.

The point is though that God sees my heart so it doesn’t necessarily matter what others may make of this volte face.

I chose Christ to begin with, after he had chosen me, now I don’t want to hide my light under a bushel.

All of the choices, the hard choices I make, all of the things I choose to give up are nothing to what He gave up for me.
And just as I must make choices for my physical body to enable it to work at its best ie diet and exercise, so I must make choices that will benefit my spiritual body also. Choices such as daily Bible reading, praying and seeking God .

We are here for such a short time that it seems stupid to not pursue ways that will ultimately lead us to Eternity one day.



6 thoughts on “Continually choosing.

  1. You’re absolutely right. It is a daily – sometimes hourly, sometimes minute by minute – choice. Sometimes we choose incorrectly; thankfully, God’s grace and mercy abound, and His love is unending.

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