There are  circumstances and situations in life that come with pretty clear guidance but then there are those other grey areas…

Things like should I get a job? What job should I get? Should we move home? Should we have more kids? The answer to that last question is no according to my husband!

He’s got a fair point. We have 4 healthy children. We have been blessed. Still not sure where I stand on that issue, probably veering on the no side but I miss baby cuddles. Anyway I digress again… As usual.

My thoughts today are drawn towards a decision we need to make in our lives. We’ve looked into the matter, taken advice from several sources and prayed about the matter also. My own heart has gradually changed after praying over the situation but now I need to know when and if to go ahead.

Little bit of background. My husband had to leave his last position of work, basically because they made him! Actually I shouldn’t joke about the matter, call it gallows humour not that he’s in prison…
Foot in mouth again.

He has a great idea for setting up his own business and it seems to be something that would be profitable and cover our household expenses.

However we’ve had our fingers burnt before and I am wary. Last time he was self employed there was a lot of competition and not enough work to go round.

I know we will get some government help towards start up costs etc and I plan on getting a part time job to bring some extra cash in. I’m just afraid I guess. We have the children to think about and be responsible for.

My head has come round to the idea but my heart is a bit slower to follow..

I wish sometimes there were huge flashing arrows to direct our steps or an audible voice. The thing about trusting God is He doesn’t usually reveal His whole plan for us all at once. He usually just shows you a step at a time. That’s the tough thing about faith and trust I guess.
How do you know when it’s the right time to take a leap of faith?
Any advice gratefully received!


6 thoughts on “When is the best time for a leap of faith?

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could hear bells and whistles to follow in making our best decisions? Sadly no, we just have to go by our wisdom, experience, and faith. Even then it may end up not being the best decision, but how would we have known had we not made it? If it turns out to be the best decision, then we get to feel the great joy it brings that we would not feel if we didn’t have to take that leap of faith. I think praying and asking God to help us make the best decision, then waiting to hear that “still small voice” that sets that faith in motion. I sincerely hope it all works out very well for you, your husband, and your family.

  2. Continue to pray, and ask the Holy Spirit for a clear sign, and for confirmation. Sometimes it will appear in Scripture, in a devotional reading, a song, or message from a friend. But keep asking. Often, we get an answer but don’t see it…or don’t want to. Start looking with fresh eyes. That’s what I do. Hope that helps.

  3. I am right with you on this one! I guess I just want a big red arrow that says: “Go this way. All will be well.” Signed by God. Each day I have to move forward in trust that He will show us the way to go, even when we seem to be lost in the dark without a flashlight…

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