Please excuse the indulgence of another blog post from me today. I very rarely post twice in one day.

I’m posting simply to say Thank you to new followers of my blog and of course thanks again to those who’ve been with me all along. It’s always a thrill to be read and acknowledged and commented on and given awards.
Humbling too.

Although I began this process of blogging to practise different forms of writing and I know my blog is a drop in the ocean of the virtual vista , still, it encourages me that people like and appreciate my writing voice.

Particularly when I am my own harshest critic. I often worry my writing has grown stale and I fret that my readership will get bored of the same old posts.

Writing is all I have ever wanted to do. There will always be greater, more accomplished writers. Writers who have more discipline than I possess , who will spend longer time honing their craft and choosing their words with greater care. Not because I don’t care, but because discipline and I have issues!
These are the ones who deserve to make it.

I am slowly coming to the realisation that there is no great rhyme or reason as to why some posts do better than others. My most successful post which has had almost daily views since it’s publication but sadly not on the same day for viewing stats was “Are there any disadvantages of being beautiful?”.
I loved writing that but I’m prouder of posts that cost me something to write such as “Can Christians suffer from depression?”.
If I were more clever I would have written those as links but I’m sending this from my mobile!

This is why I suppose it’s better to write for yourself and not try to second guess what’s popular at the time.

So…. This has just been a long winded way of expressing my gratitude and to say how much I have learnt from my fellow bloggers.

Why is this starting to feel a little like someone’s eulogy?

I can be followed on other social media platforms if so desired 🙂


4 thoughts on “Heartfelt sentiment.

    1. I think you’re being very kind! Actually I do want to write a book and I’ve started it but it’s fiction and I find that much more difficult because what I usually post are pretty much conversational pieces. Fiction flows easier but requires more thought if you see what I mean. 🙂

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