I was struck recently by a pin on pinterest that stated” you’ve spoken unkindly to yourself for years and it’s never gotten you anywhere, why don’t you try speaking kindly instead?”.
Isn’t it true though that the bad things we tell ourselves are easier to swallow and accept?

I’ve had some lovely compliments paid to me over the course of my lifetime but the unkind words and the criticisms are the ones I remember.

I’ve spoken of this before, these repeated tapes we play to ourselves where we think of all that is wrong with us. The  unsatisfactory glances we give our reflection where we mentally list our defects.

It’s sad really. We wouldn’t do that to our friends so why do it to ourselves?

Continuing on with the whole speaking to yourself theme, do you ever have to have a stern word with yourself?

I find myself doing that more and more often. Not in an odd hearing voices kind of way!

More being dissatisfied with life and wanting things I can’t have. Why are those things more appealing than what we have already? Immaturity I suppose. And all that grass is greener scenario. But we fail to remember when we compare our behind the scenes lives with someone else’s highlight reel that the grass still has to be mowed there!

So I’m continually trying to remind myself to be content with what I have. Life and things are going to happen so I may as well try to be satisfied.

But there is no harm in pulling our socks up and trying our hardest at life. Maybe then I’ll be happy with the mirror and talk nicer to myself…

Till next time.

6 thoughts on “Does it matter how we speak to ourselves?

  1. I don’t know why we are harder on ourselves than anyone else. I try hard not to be down on myself very much because this world is filled with judgmental people who are busy judging me. They don’t need my help. LOL!

  2. I didn’t notice you hadn’t answered your title question. Seemed to me you answered it in your post. (I just went up and looked and the paragraph that is enlarged seems to be the answer to that question).

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