Doing nothing has always been one of my favourite pastimes. I’m naturally a lazy sloth and a procrastinator so it’s pretty remarkable that anything ever gets done!

Now that I’m a responsible Mummy I have to be more creative about how I get my me time. Indeed me time these days often consists of reading a book in a hot bath or going to the toilet in peace.
If I were able to indulge myself and do what I wanted for a day then what I would do would depend on who I was with.

For instance if my children had been zapped away to a mysterious island somewhere and I was left with my husband our perfect day would go something like this :-

We’d sleep in past the alarm, gradually wake to drink the coffee that was steaming fresh and waiting in the bedside machine having been programmed the night before.
He would have some kind of broadsheet probably The Times spread out and be reading that. I’d be reading the latest crime novel or a housey magazine.
We would eventually reluctantly get out of bed and go somewhere for breakfast.
Then we would either take in a show and stay overnight in an hotel or snuggle down in our home cinema and watch a film.

I suppose I have simple tastes and whilst I would love to be whisked off to a romantic location and spoilt I’m just as happy mooching around at home.
It’s who you are with that’s important and just the sheer unadulterated joy of uninterrupted quality time.

Till next time.


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