It’s Half term here so the children are on  a school break for a week. This means unless we have plans to go away anywhere we can have a fairly relaxing week at home… ….
But for some reason this morning my husband and I decided to spring clean the kitchen. It was definitely past due a thorough clean but it was one of those jobs that snowballed. No sooner had we got one area sorted than another one came to light. I’ve already said I hate housework but I do appreciate how clean and fresh everything looks after.

Often when we have visitors we do a surface tidy which means the appearance is of a clean house but you wouldn’t want to examine things too closely. Unfortunately if that’s all that gets done then sooner or later you have to have a more in depth clean and tidy.

I worry occasionally that I act a bit like this with my family and friend’s. Outwardly I’m clean and tidy and likeable and loyal and amusing but inwardly seething with petty jealousies and resentments and selfish desires.
It’s not pretty when a mirror is held up to undesirable behaviour in your life.

I pride myself on trying to be the best version of myself I can but that effort can’t be sustained indefinitely.

For one thing it’s just exhausting being on your best behaviour all the time!

For another I cannot  do self improvement in my own strength. I need God’s help. He doesn’t condemn me, He loves me as I am but He also highlights , lovingly, that it’s not good for me to stay that way.

Sometimes we need to shine a light on our behaviour and determine if it is acceptable and if not we need to bring our irrational behaviours under control. The good thing is we don’t have to do it alone.


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