I’ve been praying for guidance lately. I sensed that change was on the horizon. Some of those changes depended on me and decisions I needed to make.

It’s been said that prayer changes us before it changes our circumstances. The last 6 months particularly I’ve found that to be true. Therefore changes I was dead set against and others I was reticent to embrace have slowly come to fruition. To my surprise, given I hate change and am somewhat of a control freak, I am ok with these new phases coming into being.

A while back I mentioned that my husband was wanting to set up his own business but I was worried about it in case it didn’t bring in enough finances to cover our household expenses. Due to the nature of his dismissal from work it is by far his easiest way back into employment. Having researched it thoroughly now and been assured that we will receive some financial assistance still we have decided to go for it.

One of my caveats was that I wanted to have a part time job before he went ahead to ensure we had at least some money coming in for the first few months.

I admit that I had not done much about finding that job, in fact I was still hesitating over whether I should go back to college and retrain. However a couple of weeks ago I had a phone call telling me of a part time job that was on offer, I spoke to the boss who arranged to meet with me and after a slightly surreal interview I had the job!
It’s not necessarily the job I would have applied for but it’s perfect, working 2 days a week and term time only so I have all the school holidays off.

I’m so thankful to God for how it happened and it was such a quick process I didn’t have time to be nervous about the interview. I really feel the way it came about that God earmarked it for me especially.

So that is the tale of how my life has turned around 180 degrees, not changed full circle but enough to make a noticeable difference. I’m also in the process of applying for a part time university course to study at home.


6 thoughts on “When life hands you a 180…

  1. That is awesome Suzi! Congratulations! I agree, God selected you for that job. And your husband, I have a feeling he will do very well, and I certainly will be praying for that for him, for you, and your family.

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